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This is my fourth time collaborating with Pearlavish, and as usual I'm very impressed by the quality of their products! I don't usually frequent online clothing stores, because personally, I found most of them to be very similar and mass marketed. One of my pet peeves is being ordinary. Common, ordinary clothings are especially frown upon because a girl needs to stand out and be special!Pearlavish's line of clothing are entirely produced by themselves, with extra attention paid to sew quality and cutting. As such they sit high up on my list of recommendations for online shopping. Give them a try, you will grow to love them like I do!

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Tenshi Chn said...

love the dress! It seems to fit perfectly ^^

imchacha said...

Thanks Tenshi!!!

Threshold Of An Era said...

Dress look nice. White always look nice on u. See in person should be even nicer.

imchacha said...

Thanks Jason ^^