( Malacca ) A short escape to the historical town ~ I love coconut shake and Jonker street

I was on my vacation in KL last week and my buddies asked me to join their Malacca trip for a night. I have good impression with this historical town and yes I am glad to join them. We drove from KL to Malacca and it took us about two hours to reach.

We were so hungry as we started our journey early in the morning without taking any breakfast. Thanks to Beng yie who brought us to the famous Klebang coconut shake and Nasi lemak in Melaka. It was so refreshing especially for it's super hot weather.

Then we went back to the hotel and took a shower before we explored the shopping malls and Jonker street. There are night markets and variety of shops in Jonker street selling souvenir and we found a lot of yummy food there.

We had our massage at night and also supper at one of the mamak restaurant located opposite of the hotel. I still remember the time is exactly twelve in the morning, It was Malaysia's national day and therefore  we had our supper with fireworks. Amazing night ~

This is the hotel I stayed
Review: super cheap and good location

The room is not big but just nice
clean and tidy

This is the coconut shake I strongly recommend!
They blend the ice , coconut fruit and juice together
Perfect match with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
it cost RM2.20

I always love the yam ball dessert and I found one in the mall

Jonker street

What they doing?
Chopstick for ice ?! =.=

This is nice!
The egg pudding with durian paste 


Unknown said...

Thanks for all the nice photos :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the nice photos :)

imchacha said...

You are most welcomed!
haha~ =) Nice memories ^^