McDonald's Hello Kitty Fairy Tales ~ It's Kitty's Day !!

The Hello Kitty plush toys back in town! Everyone seems crazy about this Fairy Tales's kittys as the design is so cute and worth of collecting. This time they do have a limited collection -- "Wizard of OZ" kitty which only available for delivery.. I'm so sad that I couldn't order it online few days back as the website is overloaded by the kitty's supporters. But luckily someone got it for me ~ Huraay ~!

I still remember last time my step father collected all the wedding Kitty for me when I was ten. Feel super touched. I'm not a person crazy for kitty but I will say not hate either, it looks cute for me haha. I like the Little Red Riding Hood the most and I believe it will sold out soon island wide ~

Love the packaging ~ 
Easier for collectors like me

Few of us ordered our breakfast this morning and of course the kittys ~~~~ I'm so happy that I got the Little Red Riding Hood today ~ Super cute ... >v<

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Unknown said...

係到預祝你22號生日快樂, 祝你生活愉快, 青春常駐, 幸福美滿 ;)