A long update for May ~

I always curious about the ocean as we hardly get in touch with the sea creatures.Thanks to someone who brought me to explore more about the marine life. This is the Maxima Clam that comes with beautiful colour. I wish to know more about the Marine Biology and I'm thinking to get a diving license and go to dive with one of my bestie-Shirlene. haha

I had my hard time since the first week of May. I drank wine daily to make myself sleep and not thinking about the sadness and stress I've got. Thanks to all of my friends who accompany me during this hard time. Appreciate it so much and now I'm totally fine and moved on.

Which one looks better?
Selfie time..

My Pandora from the precious people around me..
My moments are fulfilled with your love ~

Tried the liquor chocolate I bought back from Milan Airport.

The moment without colour..

My hair getting longer finally..
This is what I want since two years ago haha.

Really love my camera..
the Olympus Om-d

I enjoyed the variety of foods we had for our dinner in
Bedok 85 ^^

The time that I need to start my new life..
and we were here for bowling !!

Went to east coast but had a bad experience here 


Mothers' day celebration
we had a super full dinner 

We love Candy Crush hahaha

My brother and I ..
Looks alike?

Homeless ..

A friend of mine..
who always beside me when I need companion.
Thanks for always cheering me up.

I still feel the Love...

I tried my best to fulfil my time without thinking...
and I went to the ice rink.
Pretty cool and fun , I want to invite more people next time..

Wine again ~
Drink , Drank , Drunk ...
15th May ~

I love myself in White...

Feel lonely but luckily I have my Mr. polka dots..

A saturday night without drinking..
We are here for night view and discussed about our picnic plan.

Puppy Training course started.
Thanks for the Mc breakfast ~

I love Husky !!
Super Cool ~

How Can i Step on it >?!!?!?

Guess what ?
Dessert time in Vivo ~

Look at the two giraffe...
so cute!

Shopping time..

I love Macaroons..

Tasty dinner ..

I'm not a cupcake ~ LOL

Cute lazy cat on the street..

All in Pink ~

One of my friend has more than five heads =.=
Bought five in one shot!

Home cook Kimchi Chigae..
Really really love it..

Worked on a Public holiday..
Put on a white dress that I like and happy mood..


Home cook during my weekend..

My second time to Carl's jr.
a Beautiful night 

Donut is smiling to the camera

it's mine ..
in a rainy day ~

My sweet Chloe brought me these from Korea ...

Always happy in white haha~

Spotted this pair of ring with Jeannie during our massage day
in ION.

The massage from Spa Elements falls below my expectation.
Not recommended at all !!

Wore on my jumper on a working day..

Thursday night with my buddies in Ulu-ulu cafe.
Nice place & nice food.

Thanks Chanel for the Birthday card.
My very first birthday card this year but...

Miss this place..
Long time never been here..
Far East plaza.

Tried on the denim jacket..
Should I get one ?  >v<

Finally I'm here..
Fall in love with the their macaroons
But really pricy T_T

Tried to make centre parting..
Looks different?

Really enjoyed my Friday night with all of you.
Nice chit chat session.

Great wines and champagne

my emo face?
Feel pretty sad that time..

I bought this top and pants..

Thanks Victor tan for the photos during our Lunch time

I think I should think positively and be happy all the time. 


Sharing is caring said...

This post really long......with.sadness ,friendship and happiness. ... jia you....forever happy..smile :)

imchacha said...

Thanks Patrick ^^
I will~ stay happy for sure..
=) thx for fast comment and cheering me up ~

Happy walker said...

nice photos~ =D

imchacha said...

Thanks Mr Lonely~
Long time didnt catch up with you ~~~~

googler said...

I haven been reading ur blog for a long time and i decided to come back here to read. I remb u used to be so cheerful, y sounds so emo now?
Stay cheerful!!

googler said...
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