(Kuala Lumpur) Met the precious one and happy food hunting !

I went to KL over the weekend and spent my limited hours there with my friends and grandma who currently went into the hospital for few times. I hope she is alright and recover soon. God Bless her~

Thanks to all of my sweet buddies who brought me to nice food and brought me to where I want , the saloon and shopping . I felt so happy as I can do something that I really want even though the time is super limited. 

A small reminder to all of you who are in Singapore & Malaysia :
Do wear a mask and drink more water against the Haze these days and stay healthy !! 

I took this photo last Friday~
Super happy and went for the  Fast & Furious 6 with Tracy and Jason.

After the midnight show, I was ready for my flight to KL

Miss my "son" , ivan
Thanks Ivan & Ken who picked me up from the Airport ~

First meal im KL
my favourite Char KueyTeow & Meehun Kuey

Visited my grandma
Feel so sorry as i couldn't do anything for her
Wish her recover as soon as possible!!

Met my good boy~ Eddie
Growing older and older 

Didnt sleep for one day..
I look totally not okay ~

Yes as I said..
Meehun Kuey is my favourite ..
My lunch time~

Great coffee better than Coffee bean haha

Then we went to shopping..
The white shirt looks totally great on him-Andy
My friend since I was 8 and he just visit to KL after 3 years staying in AU.
Thanks for the T-shirst you bought for me ^^

I got my first New Balance shoes finally~
Love the easy matching colour and the price is reasonable.

You are all my angels!!
Love you all~

Super delicious Dinner I had!
Nice dinner with nice people

Familiar place that I grew up.

Satisfied lunch i had.
My Curry noodle~ with SinHui

Then I went to my favourite Hair Saloon

Waiting for my pretty Hair Stylist - Shino
My Hair stylist for at least 4 years..

I always satisfied with her.
She absolutely knows what I want

Shopping time in Mid Valley!
I bought a couple of inner wear from Triumph and the fact is..
Malaysia is cheaper than Singapore!!!

Found this super cute boyfie Jacket ..
Regret that I didn't get it due to the rude staff in the store.
( Padini Authenthic @ mid Valley )

Krispy Kreme time!!
The staff is so friendly and she gave me a mini Donut for Free ^^

Saw this in The Garden
Feel the Love ~

Before going back to SG..
I had what I was craving for..
The Ramli Burger..
This is so yummy! Thanks Andy for brought us here~

Famous bakery and i found tasty cheesecake here..

Love my hair ..
With different styles ^^

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wish you to have a Happy Birthday!!