Leonidas , the Fresh Belgium Chocolate ~ The moment of Sharing

Chocolate , one of the thing that I won't miss in my Life. Look at my chubby face and you will know that I have a serious sweet tooth ~ I always feel that  ending a meal with a dessert is a wonderful thing in the world. 

Leonidas, the fresh Belgium chocolate ~ I shared this last time during my Korea trip's post. I visited one of the store located in Myeong Dong, Korea.  [click here] Leonidas - the best Belgium chocolate in Myeong Dong  . I love their chocolate especially the hot cocoa selling in the store. Very smooth and great cocoa taste.

I want to say "Thank You " to Nicolas, the one who contacted me from Leonidas. A generous man who gave me the chance to try on their chocolate again. If you looking to buy one and have a try, you may go to The Cocoa Tree in Singapore, A shop that selling chocolates. They have a few branches and I collected mine in Raffles place Shopping Centre.

250g Ballotin

Perfect with my Hi-Tea 
A sharing moments with buddies

The Mickey Box

I love Leonidas Chocolate ~


Kenneth said...

Belgium chocolate is the BEST!!!

Did you eat all the chocolate in your hi-tea? all at once?

imchacha said...

hahahah~ Of course not all...
i share with friends but still cannot finish

numbcat said...

Hi, do you know if The Cocoa Tree still carries Leonidas? Can't seem to find this choc anywhere in Singapore anymore. Thanks!