( Bohol ) One day in Bohol island ~ Chocolate Hills , Tarsier & Floating Boat

I went to Philippines right after my Europe trip. The weather was super hot at that time and the most important thing that i did daily was applying sunblock to my entire body. Even though the weather was humid and hot but we enjoyed during the entire trip.

This is my first time to Bohol Island. I heard that a lot of divers came here and dive. I think it's time for me to get the diving license ~ I love the sky here as they don't have any tall building in Bohol, meanwhile you can see a lot of stars hanging in the sky during the night.

We took a three hours ferry from Cebu to Bohol

The fees for the transportation rates
We got one of the taxi's driver right in front of the port

I Love the sunset here ..

Our resort in Bohol Island
very clean and tidy ..

We had our Krispy Kreme that day and totally recharged ^^
I Like donuts ~ haha

BBQ grill is one of the trademark of Philippines 

My favourite food..
Crispy Pata

Then we have a walk on the beach..
A lot of restaurant and bar along the beach..
Amazingly found a lot of western and korean here ~

Some performance on the beach

 On the next morning..
checked out and ready for our day tour

They are my korean friends..
Haemin & Alex.. a great couple that I've ever seen 

Then we went to see the smallest "monkey" i the world
( actually is not a monkey i guess.. haha )

you will find them only in Bohol

Then we had our lunch on the Floating Boat 
Good view and someone singing with guitar on the boat

Very nice experience 

Yeah~ Finally we were here..
Chocolate Hills ~
( looks like Hershey's chocolate )
They have a lot of those small mountains..
and the colour of the mountain keeps changing depends on the season.
They are green in colour during summer 

really hot there but I tried my best to protect my skin from sunburn

Alex with the chocolate hills ~haha

You have to try the coconut milk shake in Philippines
Super nice ~
We rest for awhile with the milkshake while waiting for the ferry

on our way to the port ..
The time to go back Cebu island.

Look at that !!
Starfishes ..
so cute ~ How I wish I can grab one ..

Look at the sunset again.
that's beautiful..

To be continue ..


Kenneth said...

It seems you had a happy trip again~
Did you have the Philippines ice cream this time? should be hot enough!

The Tarsier was quite cute, I have never seen before~

imchacha said...

Ahhh~ i never try the ice cream ~
>v< u should go PH one day ~~~~