The people around me ...

It's been a long time I didn't practiced using my camera .. I feel happy taking all these candid shots for today's theme " People around me ".  Along with my friends, we went to this well-decorated Starbucks in town and basked in the relaxing environment, snapping away at the people, with the occasional gossip thrown in.

 This always happens to me..
when I take a self portrait ..

 Sweet smile connecting with loved ones

 When we are explaining something ..

This is what my brother and I like to do 
listening to music and getting online while in Starbucks

The precious moment ..

A simple update on what I saw today.. I wish to learn more about photography and improve myself. Trying to go for group photography session or outdoor photo shooting with some friends to learn from each other. 

Give me a shout-out if you know of any nice place for outdoor shooting~  ^^
Happy Friday !!!

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Kenneth said...

everyone have their own story, sometime maybe a great story will just sidle over and you never know that

stanley said...

what is the setting of your camera when you take those pictures ya?

imchacha said...

Kenneth: yeah u are right^^
Totally agree that everyone have their emotion and life~

Stanley: welcome back^^
Actually im not sure hahaha~ iAuto maybe lolx