[Sharing] ~ My Best Skin Care Collection 2013

Yeah! I am really happy as I found my best skin care products that really work for me. You will see five of them appear on the picture and yes I will say , Less is More ~ Do ask me if you have any enquiries on my best five here~

1) Cleanser
2) Skin softener/toner
3) Skin essence
4) Moisturiser
5) Sunblock

Cleanser :
Sana Nameraka Isoflavone Cleansing Foam Wash with Co-Enzyme Q10
Price : around 20-30sgd for a big size
Review: A super simple milky type facial wash that keeps my skin moisture and clean~ Really love the feeling after wash my face without drying my skin and the Co-enzyme Q10 helps to restore the skin elastic. No chemical and fragrance free is another key point i choose this. I used 2 tubes so far and yes i will keep using it ! Super recommend to try out.

Skin Softener / Toner :
Lancome Genifique Youth Acitivating Serum
Price : around 160-180 sgd
Review: Im using this at the very first step as it helps to soften the skin by layers and therefore all my further skin care will absorb to the deeper layer. I like the texture that absorb super fast to my skin and the result proven that five times better absorption of your skin cares with Lancome genifique. I love to apply this before my face mask and the result is Awesome! Some people may feel that this is expensive but a bottle of this can last me for 3 months ~ ( I'm using it twice a day )

Face Essence :
SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
Price : $80-100 for 75ml
Review: I been using this for at least 4 years . This is the only essence that keeps my skin hydrating and balancing. You will have flawless skin without any skin trouble as long as you keep your skin pH balance, not too dry and not too oily. Texture is like water and good absorption into my skin. I will definitely keep using this as prevention is always better than cure ~ ^^  And this little 75ml bottle last me about 3 months too !

Moisturiser :
Vichy Aqualia Thermal Aqua Gel
Price : $49sgd
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 I Love it because:
- Superb absorption, absorb into the skin immediately after few seconds
- not oily and not sticky AT ALL
- suitable for sensitive, dry and combination skin like me
- feel comfortable after application
- increase skin radiance and balance the skin pH
- selling at sgd $48 , but you will only need to use a pearl size of the gel for your entire face

Sunblock / Sunscreen :
Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defence SPF 50 PA+++ UVA 
Price: 50-70sgd for 30ml
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Texture: Ultra Light,  milky texture, Super easy to apply
Oily/Greasy: 0/10  ( Not at all ^^ )
Satisfaction: 10/10   ( Will keep using this as my sunscreen )
Review: Fall in Love with this Sunscreen as it is Ultra Light in texture and super easy to apply. This is an Oil-Free, Fragrance-Free , Colorant-Free lightweight formula that provides broad spectrum protection against 90% skin aging. If you knew me , you know that I love natural skin cares.. Hehe ! If you haven't got a sunscreen that satisfied you , Try this !! ^^

A simple sharing that may bring you some useful information ~
Let's Smile for today ~ 


chez said...

Cha, im using estee lauder night repair. It nice to use too XD mayb you may try it ;) i get alot good feedback frm my friends too. Heeeeee.

imchacha said...


Wow! sounds so great, I will try it if there is a chance!

Unknown said...

Halo I'm new to your blog and i was wondering if u can recommend any product for blackheads and preferably can be found in watsons/guardian? Haha thanks!

imchacha said...

Hi Jie ying wen:
thanks for your comment~
this is super nice for black heads and white heads, do check it out on my previous post :

b`liv Off With Those Heads *Star Product


Unknown said...

Thank you so much!! Its actually wen jie ying...haha

Jacqy said...

I'm just curious...
Is it okay to apply different brands of products at one go?
I wanted to try those products recommended by you. But I'm kind of hesitant to apply these different brands of products at a shot...