I am so excited for my next trip ~ Paris

Paris .. a dream place that I want to travel to. Feel so excited and I can imagine I will keep shooting the photos on the street. I love the design of those buildings and sight seeing places there. Those photos took in Paris are always stunning! 

But the biggest concern in my mind these days is the security in Paris. I heard a lot of stories from my friends and the nets, saying that a lot of pick pockets there. Feel super worries and keep looking for the travel insurance now. If you know me, you definitely know how important is my iPhone, iPad ,Wallet and Camera to me! Hopefully I can have a wonderful safe trip~

I tried to find some Parisian who loves Blythe for a meet up in Paris . Hopefully this is a successful gathering as well ~ Let me know if you free for a drink in Paris on the 4th of April 2013. haha

Let's have a peek at the photos that I gathered from the net.

I think Im gonna grab a lot of postcard in Paris ~


chez said...

Ahhh !! Paris !! my dream place too. *i believe it is every gal's dream place* XD
Enjoy yr trip ya Cha. most important is Take Care (:
Take many many photosss and share with us ya <3

imchacha said...

Yeah!!!! every girl's dream place hahaha~
Yeah i will take good care and as much as take a lot of photos hehehe~^^

Sharing is caring said...

you going with a few friends right, so should be ok mah. take care...and enjoy!

imchacha said...

yupe , i will go with few friends together
hopefully i stay save hehehe~

Kenneth said...

Hope you will have a wonderful trip in Paris!!

Eat more!! Play more!! Take more photos!!