Sony Cyber shot RX100 Review ~ The compact camera

All of my friends know that I'm crazy for camera.. I got my Olympus OM-D and super happy with it so far. Even though I satisfied with it, I still feel like getting another camera for my own , I think I'm really crazy . Feel glad to hands on this Sony Cyber-shot RX100 from Alex . This is a compact camera but the picture quality is good.

I will say , this camera is good for self portrait .. For people like me, who likes to take their own picture will prefer a camera like this. Easy to hold on one hand and compact to carry daily. Besides of that , you will found that the skin looks better as I believe the camera has it's beautifier feature automatically.  Maybe I'm not good in camera but I found that the shuttle speed and aperture is not as good as some of the Micro four third's camera , if you know me, you know that I always use iAuto mode with my OM-D =.=''  Just like someone using the Steak's knife to cut the mashed potatoes.  

These photos taken by Sony RX100 

Sony Cybershot-RX100 Review :
- compact and portable
- interface and controls are easy
- easy to handle even with one hand
- skin beautifier built in
- low light performance is good as normal DSLR

- shutter speed is slow , hard to capture on time
- manual focus available but not recommended  for an iAuto person like me
- Aperture is not as good as micro-four third or DSLR camera as the lens is unchangeable 

Recommended for :
People who like to take self portrait and also like to stay with compact and handy camera.

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Kenneth said...

Nice camera~
but i hope your iphone will not be 失寵 soon

Kenneth said...

and please take more and more photos for us!!

imchacha said...

Kenneth :

hahaha, this is not my camera la... I just hand on~
I would like to try on another camera hahahaha