One day in Singapore Jurong Bird Park ~

Love the colourful photos for this One day Trip in Jurong Bird Park. I woke up early in the morning on last Saturday and totally excited for it.  I agree with my friend that this is a little too far to go, but anyway it's still a good experience for me. I enjoyed the show, the colourful birds and the stunning flowers around me. ^^ But super tired walking around and feeling hot due to our Never ending Summer ~

I been Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park within this 2 months. I will say the Singapore Zoo is the most exciting place among three of them, then follow by the Jurong bird Park ... hehe... If you are a fresh traveller and love to explore to the nature and animal , Try Singapore Zoo ^^  

At the entrance

I Love my Pancake Lens ~wahaha
especially for Micro shot ...

The 2 pairs cute babies who went with me ^^
Alex, Denny , Ronald, Victor

First station..
My favourite Penguin !!!

Fat penguins !!!
Hahaha ,super cute and I love here as the Air-con super strong !!

The Penguins looks like freezing =.=
Not moving at all...

Look at him !! He learnt and pose like me!

Charlene in the cage ..

I love the flowers...

A tram service to bring the guest around..

Are they dating?

A special breed with colourful head..
Only 1 in the bird park

Someone told me that this is Ficus Carica..

All of us..    =)

I love this place..
The birds are right in front of u..

So sweet ~~~~    >v<

The baby girl keep looking for mummy 

2 pairs of Mandarin Duck

Love the Water park ..
Feel fresh in this hot weather ! 

This is also one of the bird in
Jurong bird park ?!??! Lolx

The waterfall..

Ronald said this is the Best hair style for 2013 ..
Lolx !!!


Happy walker said...

wow, always see you post so many good place at Singapore~ but the currency is expensive~ sigh

imchacha said...

hmmm~ ya a little too high compare to Malaysia, but you can ask your friend come together and you will not spend that much~