(Seoul) Sam-Chong Dong 수제비 Su-Je-Bi ~ Korean Style Ban Mee 面粉糕

Sam-Chong Dong is a place nearby Buk-Chon-Ma-Uel ( the north village ) . A place whereby all the traditional houses and the art galleries gathered. You can find a lot of nice food and special coffee shops here as well. The super recommended food today is : Su-Je-Bi 수제비~ For me , Su-Je-bi same as our Ban Mee 面粉糕 . Why is it so delicious ??   Just imagine, the normal Ban Mee cook with our ABC soup, then you know what is my feeling. Someone brought me here on March an I totally miss it , therefore my sweetie Sienna brought me here again this trip. It's really yummy Especially during the cold weather.


102 Samchung-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 종로구 삼청동 102번지 
TEL : 02-735-2965

Sienna driving her car brought me to Sam-Chong Dong..
We sang loudly as usual in the car ~haha =)

Dah Dah ~ Reached..

Look at the nice lightning and clean street in Sam-Chong Dong

Busy eating ~

The price list ~

Su-Je-bi 수제비
( feel like our Ban Mee  >v< )

Really love the soup
Full with potatoes and onion
99% taste like ABC soup

The Korean style potato pizza
Sienna asked me to try this, but i'm not really into it~
haha, as not much taste >.<''

The kimchi here is nice   =)

Finished our Dinner and guess where we went ?

Grab a Beauty Drink !!!
Haha ~

I miss Korea now ..
The cold weather and the lightning along the street ~
People walking here and there during night time.

the street food...

We been HongDae's playground ~
A lot of foreigner here , gathered and playing some live music!
You should go and have a look..


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algrenfrancis said...

Hi, is it possible to share your itinerary?



imchacha said...

Sure, I can share my itinerary with you ..when are you going to korea?

algrenfrancis said...

going 18-24feb.. flight departs 17 feb

please do share stuffs to prepare for cold weather, any body lotion or stuffs like that..


Carol said...

I would like your itinerary too, if that's ok. Going 18-26 May.

Carol said...

My email add is carolinecjl87@gmail.com. Thanks

Anonymous said...

She ask ba.. No reply.. Lol

imchacha said...

Hey sorry for missed out the comments here >.<''

Let me send you the itinerary this weekend. ^^

My - Free - Dorm said...

Hiiiii Chacha..
I kinda excited to read ur story about ur travel to Korea.. Im a Korean-Die-Hard-fan i think, not the people who live in Korea(kpop artists), hahaha, but i love the country itself. Dunno why.So,please tell more and more about korea,the ticket price, the places, the foods especially the halal food, and so on.tq.. love ur blog <3

Anonymous said...

can i have your itinerary too? am going to korea from 30 Mar - 7 Apr. :) my email is cherryadel@hotmail.com

imchacha said...

Hey thanks to all of you ~
I will create a post today to share my Seoul itinerary ~
Please have a look tonight^^

imchacha said...

Hey babies ^^
Thanks for waiting for my itinerary , here you go with my latest post ^^


Unknown said...

Hi do you have the address for this store?

imchacha said...

서울특별시 종로구 삼청동 102번지 | TEL : 02-735-2965

this is the address and contact number

imchacha said...

102 Samchung-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 종로구 삼청동 102번지
TEL : 02-735-2965

Jasmine jassy said...
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Jasmine jassy said...

Hi! Do you have your itinerary including how to get there if do could you share it with me? like which metro station to alight and get to the place those kind of detailed information? It will be good if you happen to have even if it is a few places not entirely of your trip. Thanks! jasmineejassy@live.com

Unknown said...

i just read your blog about having a trip to seoul, is it possible to share your itinerary? prisclau13@gmail.com thanks before!