a Simple meet up with my Girls ~~ @Ben's Pavillion

Visiter to KL Pavillion last week and met my Girls, Miki & Serene ...
They are both my B's buddies ~hahaha   We met each other because of Blythe dolls 2 years ago .
We brought one of our doll and have a simple meet up , Chit chatting about recent issues in our life, discussing about where to get cheaper blythe ..haha ~ and tasting the Food of course.
I must say the Watermelon Lychee drink was really great from Ben's.

Miki is the Graphic Designer who play well with Photoshop ~ Thank you so much for the creation of new Background for my blog, still under testing ... <3

Serene is from Marketing and she is Good in Sewing ~ Self making the Doll's outfit and took a lots of Great Photos ... Going to Link her blog soon ~  ^^

Miki in Black outfit and Serene in white .

~ Start to show our B and the cameras ~lolx

Serene with her Professional DSLR ~

Our Watermelon Lychee drink ~ ^^ love it~

Look at Miki ~she was so Happy ! haha 
And our Blythe dolls...

Chik Chak ~
Serene ! i got U !! 

Serene: Ar ~~~  ( trying to feed her B... )
Look at Miki's face =.=''

Someone put my Blythe doll in the Pocket ...
I asked someone :" Are u the Kangaroo ? "

Sweet sisters meet up ~ Although we have short time but I totally enjoyed that ~
Love to talk about Blythe ..   definitely wanna go back again to see them ..

Thank you Miki !!! 
Extremely lucky that i have a Friend like u,
I Love to receive gift , no matter big or small ... haha
Appreciate the most even if just a Card ^^ thank you ~
Love the can with the cute bear ^^

Photo by Serene... but the doll from Miki !!
Salute on Serene's Photo shooting skills ~

Best buddies always ^^

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MickeyDstrange said...

This was a wonderFuL meet up with u & ReneRene ^ ^ Hope can c u again, very sooooooon... I ll going2 meet u like CraZy~

MickeyDstrange said...

wei...ChaCha,,, dont put my ugly photos in ur blog leh @.@''

imchacha said...

yeah yeah ^^
I wish to go BKK with u girls ~must be very FUN^^
hey please send me the BKK address for the B's things~

imchacha said...

hey Miki, which one u feel ugly ? =.=''
i feel you are natural and sweet enough ^^

Anonymous said...

Awww, I love your blonde Blythe is so sweet! I'm the same as you, I appreciatte every little present, and I love to make gifts to other even if they are small, overcoat I love to do handmade gifts, they are the best! They couldn't be made with more love.