( KL-Pavillion ) I love Zakka ~ the Designer's Flea market ~

I Love Zakka ~~ Yuhuuu~ and even think to hav my own zakka store next time...  I hardly say No to those cute stuffs.  Lukily i went KL last week therefore i able to have a look on KL's designer's Art work . Love their tote bags and the miniature stuffs like camera... So cute ~~~
Unfortunately i don't have my own house yet , perhaps i will get one in Future and display those cute stuffs ...

The Designer and her creation ~

Love the bag with Leather handle ~

Their Stuffs are adorable ~!

Soft toys ~~ and the coin pouch 

Hmmm , Love their Miniature cameras..
but i have no idea where shall i hang it on ~

Look at the sweet girl, she is good in Drawing the 2D animation ~
Love her works~

The miniature Farm ?? cute cowssss ~

By the way , I Love this the most ~
The Smiling Wooden Drawer.. but i got no place to put in my room.
I feel happy when i look at it's face ^^ haha

If you are the Zakka lover i think this might be the place you have to browse from:   台灣雜貨 Zakka

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