( Bangkok - Part 2 ) Asiatique Bangkok ~The RiverFront.. A brand new Shopping experience ~

Asiatique Bangkok  - June 2012

 I went to  Asiatique the Riverfront  during my Bangkok trip last week. and it was my Birthday! It was Amazing ! This is a fusion of Shopping , dining , entertainment and site seeing river view place. I checked on their official website and they stated that they have 1500 shops and 40 restaurants in this open-air mall. This night bazaar open 5pm daily to midnight.

How to go to Asiatique Bangkok ?
First, I took the BTS to Saphan Taksin station, and there is a  Free shuttle Boat  to bring u to Asiatique.

Get out from the BTS station and turn left , there is a banner showing "Asiatique shuttle Boat ".

A lot of people waiting for the shuttle boat that day ..
Shuttle boat appear every 5-15 minutes.
and it takes 5-10 minutes to reach Asiatique =)

This is the Asiatique Shuttle Boat ..

My friend from korea - Sienna

Preparation ...in case the boat is sink due to too heavy ~ LOL

After 5-10minutes..
We reached Asiatique, The Riverfront ...

Sienna & Denny 

The Fine Dining alongs the Riverside..

Cute staff in front of the restaurant ~

Great place to hang out with friends...

Love the shops here. Most of them are the designer who created their own stuffs and selling in the shops with reasonable price. This is really good as the tourist will able to buy the local created stuff and the local designer will have their way to earn money for their artwork.

Oh My God ~ I love the Black Backpack so much..
Someone buy for me please ~~~ Ahahaha
When i think of my little tiny Room, i decided to give up this ~
Even i Love it so much ... >.<''

The coffee shops...

smile =)  
~ Ladies ~
Sienna and Charlene

Nice weather on my Birthday ~ 22 June
hehe :D    

Denny :" should i get on this ? "

This is how the Indoor Look like...

Walked into one of the creative store and their stuffs are so adorable!

The second store that we visited was the Aroma store.
Attracted by their Great smell even we are outside the store.
They selling the Perfume Body Lotion, Essential oils, Aroma flower teas ...

Bought one of the Perfume Lotion for Sienna as a gift
as she treat us a Wonderful Dinner ~

There are some seats for you to enjoy the teas in the store..

Then i saw this..
Lama =.=''   

another Coffee shops for you to enjoy your time..

The Handmade"check"'s style ~

Cute bear bear ~haha

~ Charoenkrung district ~

the adorable keychain ~ the miniature camera and guitars..

then we found this Gelato Ice cream Store - Gelate

I met my colleague unexpectedly in this Gelato shop, 
and he treat us Ice-Cream!!!
Yuhuu~   FREE ice cream for my Birthday ~~   <3

The soft toys... Huge Sea horse hanging outside the store ~

The cute doggies.... beside the Pet store..

The second hand branded store..
something like 米蘭站~

The night view was good and windy ~ Feel good~
But 3 of us was so tired after a few draft of beers =.=''

Stunning Night View that made me wanna spend more time there..
I wish I can move this to singapore..
A great place to hang out ...

I Love Bangkok ..or I should say : I Love Thailand.. I been Thailand for 4 times and it amazed me every single trip. I am so surprised with their trendy shopping malls, their yummy food, their creative design, their fashion, their handmade, the market ,their massage and their culture. and I realized that the Ladies and the Gentleman from Thailand nowadays are super Charming! This is maybe most of them are mix by local and western.. Big eyes , tall nose, sharp figure and charming smile  =)

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stanley said...

halo~ long time din go here....
support support~
glad to see u still preserve ur passion on writing blog
keep it on...
take care...=)

imchacha said...

Wow~ really long time u didn't come.. Thx for coming again ^^

Anonymous said...

You are very sweet and I love you blog !! Make me want to start one as well and post nice pics :]
How old are you? you seem young and very confident !!


imchacha said...

Hey thanks for coming =)
Yeah I will support you if you start your blog and share your story!

I'm 24 this year ~ you are sweet too~~!!


Unknown said...

Hai charlene..do you know how to go to asiatiqe from wat arun?


Sukhdev Singh Khanijou said...

There is another shop that sells good aroma oils and diffuser, its in warehouse 1, the shop is called MYSTIQUE... Very good essential oil massage. Excellent.

Sukhdev Singh Khanijou said...

There is another shop that sells good aroma oils and diffuser, its in warehouse 1, the shop is called MYSTIQUE... Very good essential oil massage. Excellent.