( Tsuru-Koshi @ Takashimaya ) The Best cold udon i ever had in SG

Udon~! Udon ~!!!   I love Ramen & Udon ~ hehehe ..but too bad, not everyone love noodle...
Found this at the basement in Takashimaya... Honestly , I Love to walk around at that floor to observe
some new food or snacks..  I feel that i'm the Tourist travel to Singapore every time im there.

A great variety of food and "street food" here...
Udon, Ramen, Wine, Chocolate, Red Bean waffle, Tako-yaki, Korean Rice cake , Breads ,
ice-cream , fruits tarts , donuts , chicken teriyaki , stone rice , BBQ , western steak ....etc

Hehe, but i'm talking about the Super Duper Yummy Cold Udon today ~~  <3
The Store's name :  Tsuru-Koshi
They selling different kind of Udon...
and the one that i strong recommend : Hiyashi Tan Tan Udon (cold)
* forgot Hiyashi or Hirashi ... take note that they have the same udon but hot one *
Price: $9

Hiyashi Tan Tan Udon (Cold)

Mix the egg with the noodle !!!
Chewy Chewy !! and the taste is Superb !!

My favorite Udon ~hehehehe

 Reminder : Queue up and place your order before you get your seat,
They will always reserve the seat for those who place order first ..
So, no point to get a seat first and Queue behind others...
( as they have limited seat actually ~)

Takashimaya Gourmet Dining B201-3, 391A 
Orchard Road, Singapore
HOURS: 10am-9:30pm


Anonymous said...

if queue liao cant get seats how?

imchacha said...

If you ordered and they make sure that you have seat earlier than others...

Unknown said...

u are very pretty like a korean

imchacha said...

Thanks Yu Lian!