( Todai Buffet @ MBS ) our Night for Team Outing ^3^

Heard about Todai long time ago, an Expensive International Buffet located in MarinaBaySands...
Finally we can have a try during our Team outing Dinner...
Thanks Frances for the Dinner arrangement ~
We invited 3 Team mangers + 1 Trainer this time...
Cathy , Shii Ping , Jack & Gus .. *clap clap*

Many of my friends asking me "How is the Buffet?"
Hmmm....   I can say their foods are above average ... but if you asking : is it Worth ?
I will say "No" .. hahaha ~ Forgive me that comparing Todai with the KL's Jogoya buffet.
My Last visit to Jogoya was a farewell party for Andy Tee Da Yuan before he left KL for further study .. Jogoya cost us around RM110 per person ( about sgd$45 ) ,
but the Quality and the Food is much more worth for a try ~ They have Shark Fins,Oyster,Lobster,Abalone ...etc
Food Quality, Store environment and Service were Greater than Todai, Especially they having a lot of Different type of Tasty Dessert + coconut Drink ~  
But for Todai , the special choices will be the Oyster & Alaska king crab 長腳蟹 ~ the rest will be normal food that you able to eat at the normal restaurant such as Pizza, Korean Pork belly ,different kind of sushi, chinese dishes etc... and the drink only soft drinks, coffee , ice lemon tea or green tea.. They seems like having a lot of dessert but actually 99% were cakes , and the cakes taste so so, 
The best dessert will be their choco tart and cream swiss roll.   and Todai cost us more... about sgd$62-65 

Cute Bella ..Hot Chili Hot Samantha... and ChaCha

Yuhuu~ 3 of us reached MBS !!!

Look at our Long table.. don't you feel that this scene similar 
as the Harry Porter movie while they having their meal ? lol

Feel Lucky ~ the staff told us that these Wine are FREE!
as we "Like" their Facebook Fan Page ~ ahahaha

Cheers ~ Guys ~ 

lol~ Love myself too much ... Dessert ~!!! but the cakes were so so ... XD

hahahahah this photo is nice
but remind me the Funny Scene!!!
Wilson said: hey faster capture , i feel tired...
( but actually Samantha wanted to have self portrait ahahaha )

The left hand side is the Choco Tart that i Strongly recommend !
Dang ~! My prawns... Ready to Eat !!! hehehehe

ChaCha ... our beloved Cathy manager nim.. and cute baby Frances ~

Sweet buddy ^^

They have the Floor Plan here to guide you to their Food..
But I'm not interested to see from here...
I love to observe myself ahahahah

Super Duper SWEET Macaron ... ate 1 and stopped =.='' too SWEET la ...

What is he doing ? lol

Fresh Prawns and Octopus...

Alex .... Steven 

Keave .... Frances

Our 2 Samantha..ss....
Samantha Chen & Samantha Thong

Cheers everyone... Act like I'm the Host ~ahahah

Samantha holding the Choco tart and posing for so long ,
Keep asking for her self portrait ...lol

Alfred... Connie ~

Frances.... Eileen & Soh

Steven ..Frances .. Yan Yan

I felt that ..
Wilson & Frances were Perfect Match nowadays!!
ahahahah they Love each other too much!!

Yerr... Look at their Faces... =.='' 
Denny ... Steven ... Gus ~our beloved Trainer ^^

Our new manager - Jack Ang ..... and Alfred ^^

Samantha thong & me .. heheh

Victor + Ronald... Luckily they came back on time...
ChaCha: Cheers!!

Steven what are u doing ???!
I will show this to Cathy manager ahahahah!!!
The very Left hand side is Shii Ping manager..

Gus ... can you please show some normal face next time ? haha
Everytime when u try to capture his face, you will definitely 
get unique pose from him~~~lol
Steven, you are so cute!!!

Sam thong with Bella ~ 
Bella: Finally my face smaller than Sam's face... ahahah

These chicken wings were Yummy! Taste like the 4 Fingers one..

The right hand side Cream swiss roll is the one i Recommend too!

Yerr.... They "created" the Shit !!!
omg... the ice cream Look Exactly Shitt ~ahahaha
Wilson .... Victor

Our Bella mummy ~
heheheh We waiting for your little cute one ~

I ate this at least 4-5 pcs... The dark Choco inside was great !
I guess i gained another 1kg from this... =.=''

Steven and Yan Yan ~

Look at Gus's face.. another Special Shot ~lol

In conclusion ...
We had Fun that night especially asking the New manager regarding 
"Straight or Curl" 's game..   ahahahaha.... 
For Todai... i will say : you can have a try , but i will never go again AHAHAHA
not worth for second time...    =)

Samantha Thong:" I still prefer Jogoya from KL, better variety and Food "
Connie :" I prefer kushinbo in S'pore and even Cheaper "
ChaCha:" Eh? Kushin Bo ? where is it ? i wanna try later ahahaha "

** End **

- Special Thanks to Frances & Alfred for part of the Photos -

Hahahahh ~ took the picture inside the Washroom


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Heheheheh ^^ thx for coming ~

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