This means Summer ^^ Paint your Life ~~

It's Summer Time ~!!!
I guess most of us who staying in S'pore or M'sia not really have Feeling about it..
As we have only one season --Summer     =.=''
For those who staying in 4 season's country ..
enjoy Summer season only 3 months a year ...

During Summer season, we can wear thin and short outfits , easy and comfortable...
we can go swimming outdoor , diving , beach activities ..   etc...
and the Trend during this season is COLOR !!!
Fashions and Accessories always Stunning..
Fresh color made me feel energetic !!

Frances's favorite style...

Samantha's favorite color - Coral 

Our sweet Frances ^^

So what is your COLOR today ??!
hahahahah , Colour always attracting! 
No more Black or Grey Please ~~  >v<''

* Photos from Internet *
* Thanks Frances for some photos  ^^ *


Francesss said...

Colors are the happy elements of LIFE~

imchacha said...

True!! thats why you always COLORFUL!!!
haahhahah~ no wonder why chacha always stick with you !! haha

Happy walker said...

wow.. so nice~ XD

imchacha said...