Anyeong ~ Shine Korea supermarket !! Buying Korean Snacks/groceries in singapore

Found this Korea Supermarket in Singapore few months ago ..
Super Duper recommend this as the Price is Reasonable !!!
If you buying those Korea Snacks or noodle in normal Super market ,It usually expensive...
but they selling at lower price in this Store..
( except Soju <----    Korea selling $1.80 - $2.00 + )

Shine Korea Supermarket

What i Like about this store:
1)  a lot of Variety here .. you can easily buy what you expect from a Korea's Mart
** Tons of seaweed, drinks and snacks!!! **
2)  The snacks and noodle at lower price compare to others 
3)  Clean & Neat 
4)  Korean localized snacks , food, dishes , ingredients , rice cakes, kimchi ..... 

Tons of Instant Noodle ~

The Citron Tea ~ Good for throat ^^

My favorite Pear Drink !! 

My favorite Crunky Chocolate too !!!

Seaweed!!! A lot of variety here, the whole rack !!
and even they have Seaweed mixer for rice ^^

Favorite Banana Milk too !!! hahahaha

Yummy Butter Waffle 

Jiang ~ This is the Oat - choco snack ^^ nice also ~

Shine Korea(Burlington Branch)175 Bencoolen Street #01-10/11,
Burlington Square Singapore 189649
Tel: 62388897
Opening hours: 9.30am -9.30pm
Transactions available: CASH only
(Next to Sim Lim Square. Park inside Burlington Square building)

Shine Korea(Keypoint Branch)371 Beach Road Keypoint #01-05/06
Singapore 199597
Tel: 62968541
Opening hours: 10am -9.30pm
Transactions available: CASH only

Shine Korea(Marina Square Branch)6 Raffles Boulevard#02-218A,
Marina Square Singapore 039594
Tel: 63360607
Opening hours: 10am -9.30pm
Transactions available: CASH only

Shine Korea(Far East Plaza Branch)
Far East Plaza singapore
Tel: 67334632
Opening hours: 10am -9.30pm
Transactions available: CASH only


Happy walker said...

aranhaseyo~~~ XD

imchacha said...

ahahahah anyeong ha sae yo~~~

Anonymous said...

how much is the banana milk? (:

imchacha said...

Hihi, the banana milk is about $1.20 if not mistaken

Jolene said...

How much is a box of banana milk?~

imchacha said...

if not mistaken, 6 for $6.90 said...

Cha. I am googling where to buy Korean seaweed to cook Korean style seaweed soup... Guess what!! Your blog is appear on my google search. :D

- Bellama - said...
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imchacha said...

Bella: haha, im so glad to hear that !! lolx
I hope it helps!

Unknown said...

Is there any pororo things?