( Korea - Part 8 ) Edae~ BookChonMaUel the north village ~ Recommend a Nice saloon in Seoul~

I still remember the Final day during my trip in Korea.
It was Freaking cold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is because ..
(   - 4 degree   +   raining   +  windy  +  a thin layer of pants i wore on that day   )
My ears, nose and lips turned Red due to cold weather..
and after 2 hours walked , i found that my pants and socks were totally Wet  T_T
Keep shaking my body and what i did to keep my body warm was .. drink hot coffees ~!

When i saw the coffee shop, i grabbed one in my hands.. 
Then start to walk again ...

I went to the traditional housing area..  
북촌마을  ( Book-Chon-Ma-uel )   
Definition:   North Villages

The houses here extremely unique and different from each other..
You can feel the houses were delicately build !
Every single part , the color matching was Awesome!

Still raining ... Look at the people behind me with their umbrella ...

The wooden door.. And the Roof .. 

The constitution Court in Seoul ..
All Made by stone ?
Looks totally Grey in color ahahaha

Look at my face..
nose and lips turned RED >.<;;      too cold la ~ 
Found a super Duper nice "Mee-Hun-Kueh" restaurant for my Brunch !
Seriously , This is so Great especially in that moment!!!
Hot soup ! and really tasty .. Their soup boiled with potatoes and tomatoes..
Taste like mummy's ABC soup ^^

Imagine the ABC soup with the Mee-hun-kueh + Seaweed ~
Dam nice !!! ahahaha    XD
They called this as : 수제비  ( Su-Jae-Bi )
for me, this is totally Mee-Hun-Kueh =v=''

Now i knew why the Korean Ladies always Fair skin with Red lips ..
Lolx!!! Cold weather la!!!!!
ps:  no make up no PS !! Original Pinky Red !! Looks like nice skin but actually dry ~

After the meal,
found a coffee shop and grabbed my coffee ~

What to do in this Super Cold Day ?!
Sauna la !!!!   Korean called this " Jim-Jae-Bang "
the Public Spa~

This is Siloam Sauna located near Seoul station ..
( Siloam sounds like Thailand's Spa =.='' )
The decoration outside is so cute .. ahaha  ~

First, Pay the entrance fee at the counter  ( about $12 )
Then , remove your shoe and put into the locker..
Then use the Key to exchange another Locker's key + towel ...
Then you can start ...
Remove all your clothes and keep inside the new Locker , 
and naked all the way in the Bath pool   =.=''
Really feel shy as I never try this in Singapore..
but this was second time naked in Korea for sauna =.=''
( of course they separate Men and Ladies section )
After a shower, then you can get into different Pool ~the water in the pool is about 40 degree..
Feel so good , feel like hot spring ~ hehe
They have Charcoal's Pool , Wine's Pool , Herb's Pool and many more..

After that , wear the Clothes and pants they provided,
and go to the upstairs for Sauna and steam room..
Then the female and male will meet together upstairs..
Love their Barley rice drink after the shower,
totally refresh ...
There are at least 6 different types of the Sauna , 
Charcoal room, Oxygen room, Salt Room , Bamboo Room ...etc

This is the Design & Art University ~
I found a lot of foreigner study here and there is a lot of 
street market ... 
with creative stuff created by the students here..

As usual, there are a lot of Coffee shops here ..
And the Shop's design are great ^^
Cozy + comfortable ~

Jiang~! Found the Sanrio Hello Kitty cafe here ~
>v< this will definitely attract a lot of Girls !!!
aahhaha  .. but i didn't go inside this cafe as i had a lot of coffee that day =.=

Walked about 30 minutes .. i'm trying to look for saloon..
wanna have a hair cut and hair wash as the price is really Cheap in Korea..
( compare to SG la ...)

Where to get a nice saloon in Seoul?
Hair cut + Hair wash + Drinks and cookies in a Famous Leading Hair Saloon..
cost me about $25 sgd..
Nice right ??!!! 

Juno Hair ^^
They have at least 5 branches in Seoul  ( if not mistaken )
Last year i been Juno Hair Myeng Dong but this time..
I been the one near University~
After i got my seat, the shampoo girl showed me the Menu for drinks..
after ordered my drink she kept my Jackets and bags into the Locker..

Then the hair stylist came to me and understand what i want ..
they using iPad for hair catalogs ...
after the consultation,
I wore on my " Outfit " and start my Hair cut ~

Appreciate their Professional skills on hair design and the politeness ..
The hair stylist send me downstair and say Bye Bye to me after the Hair cut ~
Great service ^^ 
Then walked on the street and i found the street foods ...
Looks yummy ...
the Rice cake and the fried Chicken ..
everyone knew that i love fried Chicken >.<

Ordered a small one .. for $2 ,
as I'm going to have dinner with Korean friends soon...

The dinner was ... my beloved   Ginseng Chicken Soup !!!
they called this : Sam-gaek-tang ( 蔘雞湯 )
Love <3 Love <3 Love <3
especially the cold weather ..
Hot Ginseng Chicken Soup with Rice inside the chicken ~

The baby girl is so cute and sweet ~
Really can feel their happiness with the new family member ^^

After the dinner..
I had a walk in Myeong Dong street again..
Start to miss Korea .. as flying back the next day ~
The night Life here was Good.. a lot of teenagers on the street ~

Found a Fabulous Glasses shop..
Their own designer designed every single glasses in the store..
And the staff was helpful ^^
( the staffs can speak Mandarin + Japanese )

Trendy / Cute / Babo* glasses were there...
( babo : stupid )

Coffee Bene ..
They selling Gelato , coffee and ice blended..
A nice designed coffee shop ..

For those... SNSD 's fans...
Special Capture this for you ^^

The same night,
i tried the new Sleeping Mask Pack i bought in Korea..
belif .... 

Say Bye Bye to my Dry Skin ...
and I'm going to say Bye Bye to Seoul too

Thank's for reading ..
I Will prepare a summary for this Korea Trip ..

including :
- Accommodation / Hotel
- Food / Street Food
- Sight Seeing places
- Preparation
- To Do/ Not to do 

Summary > To be continue ...


Yan said...

chacha.... LIKES all your post! ^^
keep up the good work :)

imchacha said...

thanks YAN!!!!
Love your way to support me ...
i will try my best to keep it up ^^

Anonymous said...

what camera are you using? Lumix GF3?

imchacha said...


Anonymous said...

I just came back from my korea trip also
best trip ever

how did you manage to know which part to travel?
I join tour group and I love it so much that the next time I want to travel again but without the tour group. But I scared I can get lost. you have a pen pal korean friend there that bring you around?

imchacha said...

wow!!! envy you just came back from your trip!!

Ya i have a lot of korean friends who able to bring me around ^^
i guess you have to go again for more places ^^

Anonymous said...

oww, cool .....

I went on beginning april, travel for 8 days
very lucky to be able to witness both sakura (on jeju island) and snowing :)

next I would want to go japan, but heard everything is very expensive, must save more first, hahahah

imchacha said...

wow..sounds great!!! hahaha i never see the sakura before T_T

next time have to plan plan ^^
yeah have to save more for japan too ...hehe gambateh!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Char!

Can i know where's e location of the spa, kitty cafe, saloon and specs shop dat u went on Day 8? Insadong? Thks!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Charlene,

Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed your Blog. Keep it up.
You are very photogenic too.
Love your pictures.
Wish you many future travels.

imchacha said...

the Hello Kitty cafe in HongDae Uni ...
specs shop in Myeong Dong , and the Spa in Seoul Station^^

imchacha said...

Hey Thanks for your support^^
I will try to it better next time with all the information for u all ^^

nicole said...

do you speak korean? how did you communicate with the stylist at Juno Hair?

Nat said...

Hi. I came across your blog while searching on google, i love it, will keep coming here to read your posts on trips :) Unfortunately i haven't been to korea yet but hopefully i will be soon :) Would you recommend getting a haircut in seoul?

Unknown said...

Hi! I m going to korea this june and i plan to try the saloon there. How you communicate with them? How did you say you want to cut/wash your hair? Thanks^^