I am the baby sitter last Weekend !!!

I spent my weekend with family last week..
All the cousin sister and brother were there..
but their parents away ~
only me and my sister taking care of them.
Am i the  baby sitter ?

and i found that , they really Love to take photo !
hey kids, my camera out of battery !!!
ahahahah the photo session was 1hour non stop..

She is Xin Huey, 2 years old .. lolx 
Keep asking me to wear her Hello Kitty eye glasses... ahahah ~ 

The two sisters.. from my third uncle.
Xin Huey &  Yi Xin 
芯卉 ,亦歆
( I named them when they are still inside mummy's stomach )

Ehh ?
Who is the  fat chubby lady  behind ??
ahahahah , my beloved sister >v< 
she is 10 years older than me ... but i love her so much ^^

the little boy is Wei Wei ..
from my auntie Lily

Envy the kids...
Eat and sleep and Eat and sleep ....
Nothing to worry , Life is so simple for them ~

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stanley said...

curios... how many tries u do to take a normal photo with those kids... as i know it is not easy to get these kids sit diam diam take pic with u... :-)