Apple-AOSS Night ~ Dinner & Dance ..

( My Hot Baby Frances... )

This is all about my Company's Event ..
Apple AOSS Dinner & Dance 
@ St. James  Movida

The Party Theme : Elegance <<<

This is NOT the Annual Dinner actually ..
The staffs are too much currently and
We can't fit everyone in a Club.
( Even Last time we had once in Zirca, 2 Levels.. )
but now i don't think we can fit everyone in also..

We split it into a small section,
AOSS ( Sales & Service frm Asia, china & Korea Team )

At the beginning,
I felt that i'm not going to attend this Party,
Maybe getting Older.. feel like Don't like to go Club

But ,
The day before the event,
I had dinner with Victor,Frances,Ronald and Alfred..
And they keep Persuaded me to attend..
Accidentally found this dress before we get out of the Building after the Dinner,
I bought it and...attended..

Special Thanks to 4 of them...
Victor, Ronald, Frances & Alfred
Owe you guys a Treat!   >v<

Nick & Shir after slim down..
Great looking in photo ^^

 My Private Photographer..
lolx.... Alfred was here...
Love his Shirt that day ~

 Love this so much..
I'm the Photographer for her ~ 
Looks like the Magazine's advertisement ..for MiuMiu necklace..

 My Pretty KukHee from Korean Team ..
She is still the best amongs all Korean~

 The Little Samantha..
Sweet in pink always ~

 My boss ... always act cute..

 My cute ladies from ASCS ..
They are sweet all the time!!

 Best buddy - Victor...

 The cute Denny ~
someone always act cute  ... haha

 What "E" stand for ??
Elegance !!

 someone bring this! hahaha ...

 This is my Boss's Boss !
Mike was extremely elegance that night ~!

 Buddies...with same smiles...

 Belle from ASCS,
Love her as she always looks so sweet with her dimples..

 Sweet Ladies! Oppppss.s...
Sweet buddies...
haha ..Peace?? 

 David... the one who organized the event..
Can you please... try to change the FOOD next time..
We are hungry , i don't want finger food!!! lolx

Sweet Kukhee ... My Best Dresser ..
Congratulation !!

My sweet Sunny & Lauren...
Love their fair skin!

 The buddies... All looks gorgeous ~~!  <3

Korean Ladies !!!
So HOT!!

The environment was good..
With their Wines...

Another Hot Korean Lady ..
Jossy ~ Dancing on the stage!!

We are the Cutiest , Hotiest group ...
My lbaby Frances and Steven ~

Denny Zai still that cute ~

What a Lucky Guy ..with all the Ladies ~ >v<

I knew it's a CRAZY night for us....

My buddy from Korean Team..Aiden ~

Wine ~ Holic ??
Ahahahahah   we Love WINEsssss~   <3

Andrew? another Korean ... lolx...
He is good in singing..
and Looks like celebrity.. 

Love the COLORful balloons...

Felt Nervous ... while im standing on the stage..
But Thanks for all the support ~

The 3 of us...
Winner of Best Dressed of the night ^^

Behind the Scene ...

The make up tools i brought to company that day ...

Sam Sam with her Butterfly ~~

Alfred is just like our Babysitter ...
always take care of us..
He is helping FRances baby to put the necklace up ~

After the wonderful make up ~
Frances was relaxing in the Pantry~

On my go St. James.. by Company bus !~

PM: Some photos  provided by Frances Li..


Vita Soy said...

Nice photos!!! Really enjoyed that night~

imchacha said...

Yeah!!! really amazing night ^^ for us ~~