Say "No" to Cold Drinks~! Tea time @ Marina Bay Sands

Pleasant Day ...
Let's have a Tea Break !

I used to drink only Cold beverage like Honey Lemon  or Juices,
Love the "Cold" drinks... 
But my Friends & Family keep nagging at me..
Because it's really a BAD habit for women.

I start to have a cup of HOT drink after my meal..
And I found that really make a difference!!

Usually the Cold drink can make you feel Refresh ..
but it really not good for Digestion~
And make you hard to absorb those Vitamins or Minerals from Food;

After my Hot tea, I really feel my stomach is warm and
feeling better for Blood circulation ~   <3

This is my First visit to Java Detour ~ at MBS.
Found that the environment here is Cosy ~

 They selling a lots of Pastries, Cakes & Macaroon ~ 
Love their colorful Sweets !

Normal and Mini Macaroon !!

Individual packed Macaroon~ 
The Alcohol Chocolate & Rose flavor..
But, I still prefer the one from TWG

Vanilla Bean Black Tea...
Taste was good, smells Good too ^^

 This is actually from Royce ..
The Seasonal NAMA chocolate ..
Satisfaction smile ~   ^^''

Simple and comfortable design ...
You will definitely have a good time to chitchat with your partner or buddies here..

 They are actually located inside MBS, right beside the Main Entrance..
( The entrance beside Taxi stand )

Found interesting APP!
You will enjoy FREE drink by stamping in your APP~
This is really good on saving the paper ,
and good to those who always didn't bring Loyalty card with them..
Just bring your PHONE!
Recommended ! It's FREE and a lots of Store participate in this Program!
App Name:  Perx

After the short break..
Have a walk in this beautiful Place ~ Love the Lighting here..

Cha: Close Up ??!
Someone: Ahh, i feel close up is better  @v@
Cha: ...   =.=''


Samantha Chen said...

Ok, finally you agree that HOT DRINKS is good huh... GOOD! ^^

imchacha said...

Times flies... when people getting older,
Will start to care about the Health~ ahahha
i worry im not healthy at all and suffering for this sickness next time mah

Thx sis for your concern always ~ >v<