(MArche @ Somerset 313) The Original Swiss Market restaurant ^

" Sorry Ma'am, Picture is not allowed here .. "
" Opps, Alright.. " and I turned off my camera instantly ..

but I just want to sing..

[  I don't care EH EH EH EH EH ~ ]
* I don't care by 2NE1 *

I think more than 5 staffs told me the same thing,
But i just can't stop myself to take photo here ~!

Love the Store's design here,
 A big Market place for FRESH food..

Before get into this Market Place,
They will give u a " Marche Guest Card " ,
You will need to bring the card with you when u ordering the food..
They will swipe your card and record the Order inside..

You will pay your bill at the cashier before you leave the restaurant ..
Using this card >v<

Rösti made from fresh potatoes!
Its really Great taste with Sour Cream and Ketchup !
Chacha Love Ketchup ^^ 

Look at the FRESH vegie...
>v< their salad Bar

This is the MUST TRY im talking about ..
( copy paste )  Rösti made from fresh potatoes!
Its really Great taste with Sour Cream and Ketchup !
Chacha Love Ketchup ^^ 

krispy pork knuckle
Ordered by " Someone " ...
And it really TASTY!!!!

" You know? Last time I ate this in Philippine was just  sgd $5 "
After this sentence, someone keep Licking the finger and continue eating ..
=.=''   The Last Time is 4 or 5 years ago la~ !
Can see the satisfaction on the someone's face ~  >v<

Lovely Wooden Chairs and table ~

Yeah~ Im a Kid..
Balloon  @v@

They care about your Dining experience..

The dessert bar !!!
I hardly choose one...

The hot Crepe with ice cream >v<
This is the Strawberry Crepe with Creme Brulee Ice cream ~
Hot Strawberry yogurt is inside the crepe and ..
The Ice cream was soooo GOOD and smooth ! 
Found that the ice cream was better than  Häagen-Dazs  :p

The cute Hanger in the Toilet !!
If you visit Marche one day,
Please visit their Washroom...
You will see a huge wooden + Auto Door.. !!!

A Lots of people Queue~ing Outside...

They have their own Bakery and Pastries Counter beside the Entrance..

After the Yummy Dinner...
Feel Extremely Blissful...
행복해요 ~   <3
ChaCha is soooo easy to Satisfy herself...
Ahahahah   =)

Simply Satisfaction ...
Simply Happiness ...
Take your time and try it out @Marche today ~  ^-^

The branches Around the world...

visit their website at :



Francesss said...

Miss the food there a lot!!! Is this one at 313?!

Let's go there again!!!!

imchacha said...

Yeah ~ 313 ^^
Lets organize and go few of us ...
LOLX ~~~

weinnie said...

i super duper love marche. it's a must go place to eat whenever i drop by singapore

imchacha said...

yeah..love their fresh fresh food^^
thx for the comment~