Lady GAGA ~ you are here finally in Singapore

Yuhuuu !!!
Early in the morning,
Frances & Alfred was soooo Busy !!!
Talking about Lady Gaga's "The BORN this way Ball" concert in Singapore ^^

I Love Lady Gaga's songs too,
And her performance ..
At the first place,
I didn't feel like i will attend the Concert..
Because i worry about the Crowd .. T_T

" You will regret!!! " Shouting by Alfred...
"You know? She is Lady Gaga!!! " Frances with her big eyes blinking ..
(  usually she is  Sleepy eyes in the morning ...but today..  lolx  )

Start selling at 10am ..
* Only for american Express C.C *
We completed the ticket's purchased at 10:02 a.m.

How efficient they are ?!?!!

The most exciting thing is..

98% ticket sold out now..

But , for the normal credit card's purchase,
You can wait until next Monday ~!
They will start selling at 10 am!!!

Exciting for the coming concert ^^
And ...
I love Music ...
especially those Singer who can Sing well,
Lady gaga can Sing well + Perform WELL !!!!!

Love Love Love <3
Who else? will go to her concert on May ???

GaGa: " See you there ~ "


Francesss said...

Until I read this blog, I realized how unsleepy I was this morning !!!

Wahaha, magic of GAGA!!

imchacha said...

hahahah today everyone Hyper...but time was so SLOW!!!!!