(Kraze Burger @ MBS) The Fresh Giant Burger ~

I tried Kraze Burger last year in Seoul.
And found that the burger was so great ~!
Fresh Vege, Fresh tomotoes, Fresh "MEat" ( sounds like dota ...@!#!# )

Then, heard from colleague and saying that Kraze burger is in MBS..
Wuhuuu~ I found it just right beside the FoodCourt.

Colorful Menu~ 
Great design as it is totally different from a traditional Menu T_T

Their brand is ... up-side-down

The price...
is reasonable ..for me~
The ingredients is really FRESH!

Do you think...this is small?

Let's check...
( I like they cut it into Half ~  <3 )

It's a tall burger ...
LOVE the tomatoes and Vege...

After the "dissection "
Can you patient for this ?

Kraze Special sauce's wedges..
But good taste!!
must Try~ ~

My Favorite Ketchup ~
--->  Heinz

The place is comfortable and cozy ...
a lots of Western here...
Yeah~ they love Burger~

The staffs here are Friendly
Most of them are from Philippines..
I guess...

Beside the entrance...

( Peace ! )
Recommending this FRESH burger to you ..
if you don't know what to eat in MBS ~


luvmyland said...

Nice !!

imchacha said...

thanks ^^ feel free to come again^^