Best Wine Bar in PJ : Château DeCanter - Now you can do wine tasting in Malaysia

A wine lover like myself believe that a good wine paired with unique food makes me enjoy more! I'm glad to pay a visit to this newly opened wine bar at TTDI PJ with Kai. I was totally hyped up for this visit to Château DeCanter and it met all my expectations.

First of all, I like the ambience when I first stepped in. The space is just nice, not too big and so I can expect less noise and crowd even during busy hours. The music in here is perfect! I can tell that the playlist is specially picked and jazz is the major melody here. There's a piano inside the wine bar, there will be live piano or saxophone performance during weekend.

The space is separated by smoking and non-smoking area, as well as a special vip room, it looks like a cigar room to me with unique deco and comfy sofas inside it.

Wine, is the only alcoholic drink that I'm truly enjoying. 

@kai_theory & @charlene22

This is their temporary menu as new menu ideas are to be defined, but yet, I'm kinda satisfied with what the have currently. =)

 A super refreshing and crunchy appetiser that i asked for a second bowl.

 Fusion salmon pineapple puff is interesting

 The idea of the pork belly and lychee roll is a fun yet nice combo.

 Salt and pepper mushroom is definitely my kind of snacks!
They are juicy and good to go with alcohol yay.

Must order this if you are a coconut lover! Coconut creamy pasta that I can eat again and again. It helps to avoid the feeling of too creamy for a main, it's remarkable.

I miss this already!
Kai and I are dying for this!

Huge prawn boiled with lots of goodness.
Their special sauce are from tons of little prawn and it tastes super fresh and rich in seafood taste!

The shrimp paste is killing our taste buds!
I wanna eat this again in no time.

We then finished the sauce like how we drink soup haha.

Something that Kai prefer to go with alcohol.
Sizzling lean meat.

And they also have popcorn chicken with special sauce again.
 I love the idea of being remarkable in own made sauces.

Who's a fan of pork belly here?
They have a few selection for you.

They are so sweet to prepare this for us!
Dessert is good to end our meal.

Sorbet with lemon sauce, sweet and sour.

And guess what?
Our wine tasting session started from here...

We truly had a good time here, with lots of laughters and talks over good wine.

This is the first time I have wine tasting here in Malaysia! Claps to Château DeCanter who brought this idea back from overseas. 

The store owner, Scott, is a wine lover and guru, who really shared a lot of ideas with us about wines.

A new way to drink moscato - ice and lime!

Wine is always a good idea as a gift to others, and feel so happy that Château DeCanter has their presentable box to go perfectly when you are buying wine as a gift!

The price range of the wines are started from Rm120+
It's super reasonable as their wines taste really good compared to other wine bars so far.
I found myself a regular now to Château DeCanter, Thanks to Scott who intro me to my new favourite wine - Malbec!

Have something to celebrate tonight? Providing a very high standard of wines and food, Château DeCanter is one of the good spot to spend your time with your special one!

Château DeCanter
Address: 175A, Jalan Aminuddin Baki TTDI
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact number: 012-302 1502

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