Spoiler: The Tiny Temptress Artisan Patisserie Cafe, a cafe that spoiled my mood

I was attracted by the interior color theme of the cafe at first, it's pretty in Pantone Rose Quartz ( baby pink ) and perfect for minimalist photos which super Instagram-Worthy. 

Then I grabbed my "golden-manager", Nataly who's into cafe hopping too like me and visited to this cafe today. 

Tiny Temptress Artisan Patisserie cafe is located at Sri Petaling, surrounded by a lot of other cafes, massage centers and tons of restaurants. It's a bright cafe that I really fancy and happy with until I placed my order and sat down for my coffee break, it's kinda spoiled my beautiful afternoon. 

Look at this super cute Rilakuma macaron, it cost RM 10 each, which is a lot pricy than what I can get from TWG, perhaps they do really put in effort and time to make this unique cartoon outlook but most importantly, it doesn't taste good at all, not even hit "Average" in order to score them. The macaron itself is hard and not crunchy, the filling is not remarkable at all. Hmmmmm

I actually ordered another RM 10 macaron from them, one of their signature - salted egg york macaron. I paid for it and got my seat after awhile, they told me it's sold out. I was okay and asked the staff to change it to any other recommended macaron, as long as it's worth for a try. He then replaced a normal macaron in lychee rose flavor for me. 

Nataly was wondering about the price differences between the signature salted egg york and the lychee rose, but the staff didn't intend to refund me the balance until I walked to the counter and asked if their prices are the same, and his replied was : "oh yea, the macarons are different prices, if u want the refund, then show me the receipt." 

I was like... ( What?! So you not gonna refund it to me if I never ask?) whispering in my heart. You charged me the price without checking the availability of your stock and got back to me with another piece which is lower price and want me to proactively go back to your counter to settle the balance? I didn't argue with him, just keep myself calm and go back to my seat to "enjoy" what's on my table. 


Nataly ordered the lemon tart, it was quite good but not their macarons. Taste like not fresh, hard and not crispy. In fact, a bit tasteless. 

It's over-priced I can say, and not good in customer service. Visit the place only for photo taking. =) 

Still fancy their lovely pink and white walls but don't expect so much on their food. My ice latte was okay, I'll scored it 6/10. I don't think I'll visit to this cafe again. 

Luckily, still a place for photo. Haha. 

( just my personal experience sharing here, it might be difference from others. =) 

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Tenshi Chn said...

Hmm... Bad experience huh...

It was on my to go list too!

Did hear about the hefty prices..