What to do in Macao 2016 - Pre trip planning

Macao is a small peninsula in mainland China, just west of Hong Kong.

My last visit to Macao was about five years ago, and it's what it claimed - a place for gambling. One of my friend recently texted me and updated me about the changes of Macao, and also the activities that we can do while we traveling there. From variety shows and performance, to some thrilling activities like bungy jump, they all sound so fun! This makes me feel like traveling to Macao again.

Something I wanted to do in Macao:

The House of Dancing Water
I love performances and especially water-based show! Imagine a show being performed at a pool, which is five times bigger than a Olympic-size pool. This is the World's largest water-based-show and I'm kinda curious about the story line that inspired by the Chinese culture, story takes the audience through 7 emotions – Joy, Anger, Sorrow, Fear, Love, Hate and Desire. Sounds interesting and makes me want to know the story behind this show.

The House of Magic
I have wanted to visit a real live magic show for so long and this would be my first I guess! Inspired by the famous movie "Now You See Me", I'm into the "jaw-dropping" moment. I want to visit to this house of Magic and experience it live!

I hope they do invite guests to join in during their magic show and I would love to be the lucky one!

Fortune Diamond
I love all the glam hotels in Macao with their unique interior. They put a lot of effort on the structure as well as the elements that represent different meanings to it. This Fortune Diamond is definitely a spot for us! It also rises behind the waterfall like magic! As it symbolizes abundant prosperity and good fortune, I bet my mum is gonna love this!

Performance Lake
Besides fireworks, this delightful illumination of water, light, color and fire is my favourite! I've seen my friend's photo on this Performance Lake which really amazed me as the water and fire shimmer dance through the air, it's beautiful! Together with the classical and popular music, this would be perfect for family night hang out too.

Pier 16 Macao 3D World
This is interesting especially for those who love to take photos! I went to a 3D world in Taiwan few years back and my pictures have captured all the fun. Can't wait to visit to this one in Macao and have another set of fun photos to upload on all of my social media channels haha.

They have MJ in 3D, 3D Jurassic World, 3D Macao Journey, Touch of French, Romantic Story, Chinese culture and 3D Interactive Experience Zone for us to play with. So, who's on?

Portuguese Egg Tarts are my die die must eat food in Macao! The egg tarts are delicious with smooth custard filling and flaky pastry. Mmmmm, I miss them already. 

For a dessert lover like me, steamed milk pudding is also a must eat in Macao! This hearty dessert will definitely end your meal nicely with a choice of different toppings. But I usually go with hot pudding without any topping, Yum!

Lastly, do try the Shrimp Roe Noodle! It's tasty and not too oily. I have not discovered any good one so far in Malaysia and Singapore, so I can't wait to have it again when I head to Macao!

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