Tips to Stay in Shape during Chinese New Year!

It’s a season of family reunions and festivities, a time of happiness and feasting. I have then researched some tips for you to stay healthy and not overeat this Chinese New Year!

1) Hydrate yourself 
Drink more water to ensure that your body isn’t dehydrated! Sometimes we feel like quenching our thirst with a carbonated soft drink, do remember to drink water instead of sugary drinks. Water helps to remove your body toxins and good for your digestion. Have a glass of water before your meal helps to limit your food intake as well. Also, we sometimes mistake our thirst for hunger. Don’t commit that error by making sure that you are always well-hydrated!

2) Do not visit on an empty stomach
When you are hungry, you tend to overeat without thinking. Have a light meal or healthy snack of apple, banana or nuts before visiting or in between visits.

3) Be selective
Limit your intake of deep-fried meat such as pork, chicken and seafood as they are high in saturated fat. Choose nuts and seeds over sugary pineapple tarts and bak kwa (barbecued pork).

4) Always use a small plate
To avoid a bigger quantity of food easily.

5) Eat slowly
Give the brain some time to recognise that you are full, so you will not overeat. Eating slowly also helps for better digestion.

6) Limit alcohol consumption 
It's easy to forget that you can drink as many calories as you eat. Alcohol stimulates food intake and can increase feeling of hunger.

7) Stay active
Use the staircase. Park your car further so you get a chance to walk more. Don’t forget that you will be eating more calories and if you do not burn them off with exercise, they will be stored as fat.

8) Lemon is your best friend
Best way to detox and helps digestion. Drinking lemon water in the morning can help flush the digestive system and rehydrate the body. It also bumps up the vitamin C quotient in your body so you won't fall sick easily after feasting during CNY.

新年快樂 & 心想事成

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Charlene~thanks for sharing those tips~
From: Ah Bo Lun