ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water : Stay properly hydrated

Drinking water is the key to beautiful skin and a healthy body. Drinking water is also a simple way to keep ourselves well hydrated and as a result this will help maintain our concentration and alertness.

Sometimes we feel like quenching our thirst with a carbonated soft drink but we know that it isn't good for our body.

Here comes a good alternative to carbonated soft drinks - ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water! I'm so excited as it comes in 2 flavours - grapefruit & lemon with no sugar, zero calories, no colouring and no artificial sweeteners! Now we can all enjoy this tasty and refreshing drink without worry.

I'm not a fan of sugary drinks, but drinking normal plain water could be boring sometimes. Therefore, I do prepare my own lemon water at home. I'm excited with ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water as it's guilt free and tasty with a hint of fruity flavour. I like to drink it chilled as it's so refreshing and quenches my thirst immediately. I also feel rejuvenated and hydrated.

Best part is, we can get ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water at an affordable price at $1.20 at the supermarkets.

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