nana's green tea Grand Opening @Pavilion KL & Food Review

Deal all matcha / green tea lovers out there, here comes the breaking news - nana's green tea forth store in Malaysia was launched in Pavilion KL! Hooraaay!

Nana's green tea is a modern Japanese cafe delivers one-of-it's-kind "Matcha" the finest Japanese powdered green tea, which is said to boost metabolism, reduce cholesterol and help to control stress. Nana's Green Tea is a refreshing departure from traditional Japanese culture, giving new idea to the green tea drinking culture, which was once popular in Japan.

I'm glad that I was invited as one of their influencer for their food tasting and launching events. Despite the name, Nana's green tea actually serves more than just green tea. They have wide selection of Japanese cuisine as well as sweets menu. Who ever has a sweet tooth like me, let's rave for Nana's green tea's Parfait!

Unique design specially shipped from Japan.

Salmon don RM21.90 
Fresh sashimi bowl with lots of healthy greens

Salmon Carpaccio RM18.40

Wakame Tamago Udon RM18.40

Chicken Cutlet Curry RM19.60

Locomoco Hamburg RM23.90

Chicken Karaage Chicken RM16

Gorgeous yet super cute people in the house!
Alex @alex_yap / Pauline @paulinetls

@alex_yap / @joannejojobi@paulinetls

Wonderful Matcha treats with lots of love!

Uji matcha RM18.50 
This is the tea version of espresso, now who need a shot?

Matcha Shiratama Float RM17.30 

I love Matcha! Can tell from my happy smile haha.

Some other gorgeous people were here too.
@karenkh0 / @angelinetang

@joannejojobi / @esther_maryse@alex_yap

Matcha Kanten Slushy RM11.50 
Cool matcha slushy topped with kanten jelly & black soy bean

Matcha Nama Chocolate Parfait RM23.10
An Artisan dessert starting with a later of kanten jelly and matcha syrup then topped with soft serve vanilla ice cream, generous layer of corn flakes and garnished with match ice cream, matcha chocolate ganache, red bean paste, whipped cream and drizzle of matcha syrup

Giant PARFAIT!!  RM180
They claimed that this is for six, but I believe that this is for more than 10! Super huge parfait good for all of us in the house. You'll need to order this one day in advance from nana's green tea Pavilion outlet only. Bring your friends here who a matcha/parfait lover and I'm sure this would be he/her unforgettable experience!



Glad to share my experience with you'll gorgeous one!
I really love the desserts and parfaits here! Variety of matcha treats win my heart!
Can't wait for my next visit.

Me, me, me! haha

Celebrity Emcee on the launching day - WeePing @weepinggoh
Sweetest Malaysia celebrity / actor - Pauline @paulinetls

@garycheok / @alex_yap@onefmwayne / @paulinetls

Valerie - Managing Director of Nana's Green Tea

@paulinetls / @charlene22@nanasgreenteamalaysia / @alex_yap@clevermunkey

Hello celebrities! 

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Malaysia outlets : 
Pavilion , Mid Valley , The Gardens Mall, One Utama

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