Travel to Seoul 2015

Yay! I'm in Seoul now!
The weather is perfect - Spring. Cooling but not freezing. It's like my second hometown that I need to be here at least two times a year. I'm still craving for Korean food even though I'm a frequent traveller  to Seoul. 

I took Singapore Airline this time - a direct flight with good schedule. It took me 6 hours to reach Incheon and 1 hour from Incheon to Gangnam. Met my lovely room owner on my first night and she brought me to a great place for makgeolli (rice wine). Guess what? We then went to Octagon, one of the famous club in Seoul for our dance session! 

Follow the signboard for bus limousine and look for 6009 to Gangnam Station.
It cost 15,000 Korean won and it takes roughly an hour to reach.
Super convenient and easy!

Call me a Smart traveller!  XD
I've bought some food and coffee from 7-11 right after I came out from Incheon Airport.
Had a lovely time enjoying nice finger food during my limousine journey.

Look! Starbucks white chocolate Mocha.
( a bit too sweet for me )

Dinner time with Amy!

She is so pretty and she looks like Ariel Lin!! 林依晨

and the food...

I can't stop myself taking picture of her...
Ariel Lin!! 林依晨

by the way, the makgeolli (rice wine) here is really the best so far I've tried.

Happy to meet her in person!
She is super lovely, kind and good in English.
No problem for communication. =)

Then we turned up to Octagon!
Love the music there, and we met a super cute western girl.

We drank quite a lot but I still got home safely.
Look at my cute Ikea room..
Gonna share my apartment soon on next blog post.

Stay Tuned!


sfasdfas said...

Hi!! Great photos!! What's the name of the restaurant? Thanks!

seLinnie said...

hi! the food looks good! can I know where is the place?