Art Jamming @Arteastiq

One way to de-stress, Art Jam!
I don't know about painting but colour makes me happy, when I see colour, I see rainbow. So happened to bump into the store and enjoyed their Wednesday Ladies Night deal, a special rate at $38 for a 3 hour painting session with a free drink.

A nice retreat from the hustle and bustle of urban city life, Arteastiq is tucked away at the top floor of Mandarin Gallery. The boutique tea house serves an interesting variety of unqiue, alcoholic, fruit tea sets and desserts in a luxurious relaxing setting lined with designer furniture. I love their lychee ice tea so much!

They basically provide everything you need for Art Jam.

I love pastel colour and here it is!

Ta-Da! I enjoyed myself very much in this 3 hours. I will definitely return here for my next art jam very soon. Who's on for Art Jamming?! Let's go together and have Fun! 

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