Tokyo Asakusa: Sensō-ji 淺草寺, Tokyo's oldest Temple

My best memory of my Tokyo trip is the day I went to Asakusa, Sensō-ji 淺草寺, the oldest temple in Tokyo. Definitely worth a visit if you travel to Tokyo. I really want to wear yukata like all other Japanese girls did, but the weather is super hot, oh summer! A lot of pretty girls around as well as nice food. I miss the kochi ice with black sugar now, the taste is excellent! I pray for health and happiness, I wish I can achieve what I want in the near future. =)

Follow the steps to pray..
washed my hands and drank the water

Got this super cute baby doll dress from Japan ^^

Dang Dang!
This is the Mochi ice with black sugar that I mentioned earlier
MUST TRY!!! =)

Really love all the scenes I saw here

It was my happy lunch time, and I went to the street opposite railway station..
and I spent my moment here.

Oh! I miss Coca-cola in bottle!

I miss all the sushis already!!
OMG! super nice!

To Be Continued...

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