2 Days short escape to Bangkok

Bangkok is always a good choice if you were given only two days leave for a short escape. I had mine a few weeks back and what I did is exactly what you can think of, food hunting, body massage and some shopping perhaps. It's been one year plus since my last visit and I'm still loving it. I felt relaxed, especially after my two nights stayed in a five star hotel in Bangkok, the rate was super cheap as low peak season period while I'm traveling there.

I went to this super famous Wanton mee in Bangkok, located opposite Platinum Mall

This is super yummy!

Home made chrysanthemum tea.. chilling but too sweet for me

Da-Dang! The famous wanton noodle is here!
Really nice as you can customised it with some ingredients on the table
A bowl of dry wanton mee is perfect for my breakfast ^^

Street food is something you don't want to miss in Bangkok
A lot of people queuing for the crepe

The 7-11 in Bangkok is a lot better than Singapore's one

On my way to Platinum Mall..
My first visit

The moneychanger is right beside the Main entrance of Platinum Mall
The rate is better than Singapore.

Got myself a tote bag, a laptop bag and 3 casual tops.
Feel happy but tiring as there are a lot of stores and super crowded

Went for massage but didn't really satisfied me
the therapist is not well trained T_T
Don't go to this massage shop... lol

and of course, I went to four faces buddha
Pray hard for myself and the people that I care
Pray for happiness, health, luck and future

I went to their local night market for some snacks

Papaya salad is always something I want to have for my starter!

Fried chicken is so juicy and tasty!

Never forget my dessert ~
woohoo, Mango sticky rice is a MUST EAT food!

Meat balls...
remember to get those hot meat balls instead of the cold one
( cold one taste weird ... XD )

Went to a mall and saw Krispy Kreme..
Got myself half a dozen lolx..
the staffs said Kam-sa-ha-mi-da to me.. am I look like Korean?
I thought I look like Thai girl hahaha

Can't wait and ate one of the strawberry donut in the store

Super sweet bouquet right?!
In the hotel..

I spent my 2 nights at The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam and the location is superb! Hotel is clean and tidy, staffs were polite and well trained. Their bed and pillows are super duper comfy! I just don't feel like leaving the bed.. But the cakes in their lobby cafe is just so so .

Look at this!
My wonderful night spent at Maldives!
Local outdoor dining and bar located near "Meng-chai" area.
Super cosy and relaxing, live band and nice lime steam fish, a super spicy one
and I love it!

Hardly find any tourist here as this is somewhere famous for local
I truly enjoyed my night here..

The cocktails cost about sgd$8 each and I had two ^^

On the next morning..
I've ordered for room service..
Pricy but quality food, potion is small

the fried rice is great!

What !? Times flies and It's time to go back...

Anyway, I will be back for sure..
See you again Bangkok!


Tenshi Chn said...

Like super quick and fast! Haha..

Was thinking of going there July / aug as well but ticket was exp =X

So i'll be going ard early Oct! Can't wait!


阿愚 said...

Liked your posts (especially on foods) very much, the pictures are well taken and descriptions are quite informative.

P.S: I am looking forward for your latest Japan trip blog.