Wish List

I have noted down some of the items that I'm looking to buy recently.

(1) A small table bonsai will be great for both of my new room and my office desk. I've went to Pasir Ris farm but the bonsai there is super super expensive. Start to regret that I didn't get any when I saw it in KL Pavilion end of last year. Any idea I can get a small bonsai with reasonable price in SG please?

(2) Aroma candles or essential perfume for home. I used to have an air purifier with some essential oil to keep my room with fresh air and good smell always. I wanted to try aroma candle this time to have better relaxation feeling and good sleep.

(3) Vacuum bags is something I bought recently via Qoo10 as I need to pack my clothes for moving. This is good as it helps to save your space and your stuffs will be fully covered and keep it clean at the same time. I think this is a lot better compare to a brown box maybe. I'm waiting for the shipment of this vacuum bag and I will share it on my Facebook if it is really a good buy.

(4) Par 38 Full spectrum for my mini Fish tank. I'm keeping some zoas recently and this is a great LED light for me I guess to keep my zoas glow with better colour. Let me know if you have any idea that someone is selling it, doesn't matter if it is second hand. ^^

(5) (6) Something for my new bedroom, yes all in white please! Gonna spend one day in Ikea after i move. I want to get a pair of white curtains and bedding set. I want to have a bright, white room that make me feel comfortable all the time, as you know I always stay at home lol.

(7) Yeah, a slim white table for my laptop and table plant if possible as I do not have any table in my new room... Awww, I need a proper table for dota 2 and blogging I guess. ^^

(8) Heard Eye-Fi Mobi Wifi memory SD card from Alfred as this wifi memory card is a lot easier for me to get my photos from my Olympus OMD5 to my phone and therefore I can upload my photo immediately without a computer! I think I'm a bit outdated as this came out quite some times haha.

(9) I think I need to start to invest into hair care products. I always have hair scalp problem and I found that botanical shampoo is good for scalp balancing to avoid hair loss and dandruff. I wish to try Phyto hair shampoo and I'm gonna get one after I move to a new room.

(10) I saw Brilliant 3 in 1 lip care set from Bellabox today as they doing promotion. Feel like trying but not sure if it does good job on moisture up my lips.. hehe~ a sexy juicy lips, everyone wants it!

(11) Running out of my current sunblock- Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV defense. My best sunscreen so far, non oily nor dry after application. I like how my skin glow after this and it last whole day without causing any sebum or pimple. Love it to the max, read my review here >> click

(12) I know I'm not good in make up but I still wish to try haha, especially the lip colours from Korea these days. Spotted this Lip crayon from 3CE, wondering if they working fine and I love their colour. Wanted to get myself one if I travel to Korea again, Awwww but not sure when...

(13) Lastly, Aesop skin cares is something I want badly after I tried their hydrating serum and parsley antioxidant treatment. Thumbs up and I'm gonna do a review soon. Wanna try their moisturiser and face scrub if possible.. >v<

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