I Love Yo! All - In - 1 Yogurt Cleanser Review

Product review on yogurt??
I was given an Aloe Vera yogurt cleanser, it really smells like aloe vera milk pudding that I seriously had thoughts of tasting it! The texture is creamy and it melt evenly after blend it with water. It does a great job on removing waterproof make up gently while mascara take a little bit longer time to remove. I love it because it is non-alcoholic but 100% natural ingredients cleanser which able to save our time to cleanse our face at once. I don't feel irritation nor dryness after using this yogurt cleanser. One thing that I think they can improve would be their packaging. The Jar looks cute and I know it's a design of yogurt tub but I prefer my skin cares with least exposure so their content is fresh and last longer.

If you prefer something natural and mild to your skin while removing make up or daily cleanse, this would be a good option to try.

How to use:
Apply I Love Yo! Yogurt Cleanser on your face and body. Work a very small amount (0.5 to 1.5 grams) into lather with lukewarm water and massage around the face to remove make-up or cleanse your face. Rinse off with water. It leaves your skin clean, soft and refreshed. When removing eye makeup, rinse

You can now get it from Guardian at $22.80 for a tub at 90g.

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