My little marine tank : Dymax iQ5

I always want to get myself a puppy as a pet but unfortunately I'm not able to have one before I get my own house. Keeping a dog is not easy especially for a girl who renting a room in Singapore. Then I go for marine pet instead haha. Thanks to the biggest influencer, Tracen. He is the one who always talks about marine fishes and corals in front of me. I have no idea at all about marine life besides of Nemo, the clown fish, and now I decided to have my own little tank. Woohoo! I was so excited after I made this decision and I got this Dymax iQ5 tank, True Percula Clowns and Anemone from Pasir Ris Pet Farm.
You will definitely laugh at me if I tell you my intention to have this marine tank. I believe you saw clown fish in my pictures and yes, I love clown fish so much. That is one of the reasons that I came into marine tank obviously but the main reason is: I'm actually thinking of breeding them. lol!

I know it's not easy, I have to set up the tank accordingly and pay extra effort in order to mate them. I bought this pair of young true percula and looking forward if they can be a real pair after they grow up. I did some research to study more about breeding clown fish and I found that the clown fish fry are so cute! Someone said it looks like ikan bilis instead haha.

I'm not sure if you have experience by looking at the colourful fishes swimming in the tank, I feel totally relax and peaceful in my mind when I seeing them with some soft melodies. Peaceful night.


Tenshi Chn said...

Wow.. that's actually relly brave of you. Haha..

I only have those cute little Guppies..

Looks like it's very hard to rare corals and clown fishes... but lucky you, you have a friend who is really good at that ^^

Good luck to you ^^

Your intention is indeed very cute. Haha..

imchacha said...

Tenshi ~~~~

I really have no idea on those marine fishes, so I have to learn from 0
haha my intention lol