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This was an unplanned trip for me but so happened to visit to Everland as my friends were in Korea too at that time. I still remember it was a normal rest and relax day for me in Korea, but my friend rang me up at around 1pm, asked me to join them to Everland. As that was a super last minute plan, we then decided to get into a cab. The cab fare was about 45,000 won and it took us about an hour to reach.

I start to regret when I reached Everland at 4pm. The sky turned dark and some attractions shut down at 7pm. I should have plan it nicely and the perfect timing to come is actually in the morning! The theme park is too big, that is impossible for us to explore it in just 3 hours. Basically queueing for an attraction will take roughly 20-40 minutes.

Visiti to Everland during Spring or summer will be a better choice as many attraction shut down during winter season. Oh.. imagine what I did in this trip? Just 3 attractions and a chocolate waffle.. I don't really enjoy enough in this journey though. I swear I will come back again and take the earliest bus I can, I want to be the first who stand at the ticket counter! Haha

** How to go to Everland?

From Gangnam to Everland:
Go to Gangnam Station Line 2, Exit 6 or 7, walk pass Dunkin Donuts and cross the road. The bus stop is in the middle of the busy road. Get into bus number 5002 to Everland shuttle bus pick up point.

From Jamsil to Everland:
Go to Jamsil Station Line 2, Exit 6 and wait for bus number 5800 to Everland shuttle bus pick up point.

Bus Fare:
Bus fare is 2,000 won but if you transit from subway then the fare will be remaining the balance. For example you came from Myeong Dong to Gangnam and the subway cost you 1,150 won, so the bus fare to Everland here will be 850won.

About 2 hours ( Subway + bus + free shuttle bus to Everland main gate )

Found this restaurant nearby to my hotel at Yeoksam station. Decided to give it a try before I head down to Everland. Cheese Spoon is actually a western cafe which selling pizza, sandwiches, salad and panini. Here you go with their menu. Their price consider a little expensive in Korea. I don't really recommend this while you are travelling to Korea unless you are sick of Korean food lol.

The cafe is clean and tidy, obviously a nice place to chill.

I love their sofa, it was comfortable.

It's a self service cafe as Korea's restaurant do not have service charges.

We ordered a panini, top up with a soup and a cheese dubbokgi.
Panini and the soup was good.

This cheesy ddukbukgi is something that I won't order again in my life.
First of all, the ddukbukgi is super hard although I asked them to cook it second time.
secondly the cheese is too rich and make me feel like vomiting. I'm a cheese lover but I can't take it.

I was so excited to start my day in Seoul and ready to go to Everland.

The weather was super cold especially in Everlan,
and I regret I never wear another thicker jacket.

The entrance of Everland ^^

Print this Everland Coupon and you will enjoy discount on the entrance ticket to Everland.

The staffs are friendly here

I was amazed once I stepped into this dreamland.
The lights everywhere made me shout!

I love the lightning and decoration here, it was so pretty!

It's about evening time when I reached Everland.

Feel excited when I see they selling waffle,
but the taste is not good T_T

The 360 degree roller coaster was closed due to winter season.
I swear I wanna come again for it during spring or summer!

Everland is really well deco with lights.
Look at this, just like the stars are on the floor… so pretty.

I played this! Lol, feel like vomiting but it was fun!

Everland, I will be back!!

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