Precious gifts

Throw back to last December, I have received some lovely gifts during the Thanks Giving season from the precious people around me. Big Thank you as I love all the gifts so much, honestly I love you guys/girls more than the gift! ^^

First of all, Thanks to Jason chua, who bought me a Pandora Unicorn Pendant which I always looking for. It's super hard to get this in Singapore as they are always out of stock. Thanks to fulfil my moment!

Thank you so much to Mawong for this lovely christmas card all the way from Hong Kong. I appreciate physical mail and card so much! I stick it on my board beside my working desk so I can always see this shining card and feel the love during my working hours.

Thanks to Bellabox! Although this is one of the sponsor but you just came on the right timing to make my Christmas day a better one. I love to unveil surprises but who doesn't? Big love to your monthly surprise and I will keep sharing on the following bellabox whenever I receive one.

Thank you so much Joe Chean. You always send me some gifts that I really need though. This iPhone case is just perfect match with my gold iPhone 5s, I love the colour and of course the function as well. You have attached a small accessories with the case, and Thanks, I know the postage is not cheap as well as these gifts came all the way from Malaysia. Thank you!

Thanks to Lian Kevin, a bull that appeared in my life since I was 8 years old. I'm so happy that we are still close buddy right now and thanks for this Razer Headphone for my gaming purposes. Although this is something that don't suit you well but I still appreciate it as I love Razer products ^^

Thanks to Carol Sha who bought this lovely backpack for me! I have one in black and she get me a red one, which I thinking to get it myself at first. Love the bag's quality and it can fit most of my stuffs in including my Olympus OMD camera ^^

Thanks to Desmond Ang for some chocolates. I did this since the first year I joined Apple but not really doing it this year as I found the people around is not appreciating what I did. But I appreciate what you did though. ^^

Thanks Su Dan, a lovely lady who gave me these. I need a planner badly as I want to start planning my goals and to-do list, this is just perfect for me right now! And of course, a cute bear bear container with lots of love from overseas. Big Thanks!

Thanks to Anonymous for this cute table plant! I'm on my way to get one actually but this come before it. The message attached to the plant was touched, and I will start my day happily for sure. I love green plants actually and thinking to get more to decorate my table, and hopefully it helps to decrease the radioactive from all the computers around me lol!

Thanks to someone for this Paris Baguette Royal Pudding. My all time favourite and the texture is so good! Everyone should give it a try!

Thanks to Victor Tan for the iRig mic! You really know me so well as I love to sing and record songs. This is in my mind since a year ago but just don't feel like paying the money to buy it online as I'm not sure if it is working fine. Thanks to give me a chance to try it and I truly love it. It helps me to kill some nights by doing some recordings on the singing App.

Thanks to Philip Tan who spread the cute iPhone sticky and the cable wrap. They are useful accessories to keep the place tidy and easy for people like us to watch a movie without holding the phone lol.

Another Love from Amy Chan, Thank you so much sweetie! You are super lovely, I can feel your positive synergy although on my first shopping day with you. Love this miniature so much, light sweet fruity fragrance always my love. Hugsssss!

Love you all ... 

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