25 Instagram Accounts You should Follow !

I'm a typical girl who can't get rid of Instagram! Always on Facebook and Instagram when my iPhone is on my hand. Surprisingly I didn't play any game with my phone, but only stay with social media platforms. This is my way to stay connect with the people around the world. At least get to know what is happen recently, and discover other's life in the other side of the earth.

Love Instagram so much as it's an Awesome app for people who love photos. Found these 24 Instagram accounts with stunning photos that you don't want to miss. I love to see how people capture photos, with different lighting, different editing, different object or place. It definitely helps a newbie like me to learn on more photo shooting skills at the same time.

Lastly, I have attached my instagram account here and hope you follow mine too ~   XD
haha, enjoy !


Unknown said...

nice list i do like the seoulwedding. My favorite @nathparis

imchacha said...

Dear Yang Wei,

Thanks for your comment! haha,
let me check that out ~

Tenshi Chn said...

i like seoul wedding and oh so pretty blog the best! ^^

will follow you too ^^

my insta's @tenshichn ^^