Etude House Need You A-Z Mask sheet with ❤

❤ : 5 Berry Complex – Antioxidant
E : Elder Flower – Soothing and Moisturizing
T : Tea Tree – Trouble Care
U : Unpolished Rice – Firming and Nourishing
D : Dandelion – Revitalizing
E : Elder Flower – Soothing and Moisturizing

I love something that can be customised. We are not the same from each other and of course what we need is absolutely different . Etude House has launched their Need you A-Z with Love Mask, a total of 27 kinds of different ingredients providing different solutions for our needs.

I went through and tried out two of the masks and they are "E" and "".  E stands for Elder Flower and it instantly refreshed my skin after a tiring day. It is good in soothing the skin, recommend to be used after a weekly face exfoliation process such as using face scrub.  is a combination of five berries and it helps on antioxidant. Our skin getting older and weaker by exposing under the sun light, sitting in front of the computer for whole day and also not enough of sleep. A good way to keep your skin young and boost up your skin regeneration level by using this mask frequently.

I love this  "" that contains Five berries complex to help on Antioxidant

A (Aloe) ~ Soothing Relief

B (Bulgarian Rose) ~ Brightening

C (Collagen) ~ Firming

D (Dandelion) ~ Revitilizing

E (Elder Flower) ~ Soothing & Moisturizing

F (Fig) ~ Purifying

G (Green Tea) ~ Moisture & Relief

H (Hyaluronic Acid) ~ Richly Moisturizing

I (Immortelle) ~ Energizing & Nourishing

J (Job's Tears) ~ Revitilizing & Smoothing

K (Korean Ginseng) ~ Revitilizing & Nourishing

L (Lemon) ~ Tone Clarifying

M (Mango) ~ Nourishing & Firming

N (Noni) ~ Revitilizing

O (Olive) ~ Deep Moisture

P (Pomegranate) ~ Smooth Elasticity

Q (Q10) ~ Tightening & Firming

R (Royal Jelly) ~ Smooth Hydration

S (Shea Butter) ~ Richly Nourishing

T (Tea Tree) ~ Trouble Care

U (Unpolished Rice) ~ Firming & Nourishing

V (Vitamin Complex) ~ Radiating Skin

W (White Pearl) ~ Bright Complexion

X (Xylitol Forest) ~ Clean Moisture

Y (Yogurt: Strawberry) ~ Soft & Moist

Z (Zucchini) ~ Nourishing & Moisturizing

Heart: 5 Berry Complex ~ Antioxidant

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