Mookata Thai Style Steamboat & BBQ @ Golden Mile Complex

I'm always a fan for Thai food. Heard about this Thai steamboat and BBQ since few months ago from my colleagues and finally we were here for a celebration. Thank's Jason who treated us this super yummy dinner as his one year in Apple.

Feel satisfied every time when I have Thai food >v<

Mookata Thai Style Steamboat & BBQ address:
5001, Beach Road, #01-66B,Golden Mile Complex

We ordered one standard set that came with a variety of ingredients , just top up individual ingredients if you feel insufficient. We have then topped up the Pork and it cost $10 for a super big potion.

Protein ingredients included squid, marinated pork, marinated beef, marinated chicken, pork liver, prawns, hotdog, crabstick and fishballs

I love their traditional Thai Milk Tea, exactly the one I had inThailand before. Love it.

Begin by placing the pig skin on the BBQ dome for lubricating purpose just like the way we use butter and oil on the griddle.

Love the Thai chill paste they provided. good match with meats.

A lot of people queuing during diner time. Make sure you come earlier.

Enjoy eating, Enjoy Life!


Shu Han said...

Just passed by the otehr day and wondered if it was good. And then here I see it on your blog! ;) Lucky me! Good one!

Phâ:Prae said...

^^ I'm glad you like Thai food. I hope next time that you've planed to visit Thailand again, you will enjoy the variety of foods here.