In the Fitting Room...

Should I change my style to a sexy one ?

Coach bags are so cute..
But I heard my friends saying US is much more cheaper

I'm not sure if you have the same feeling as me. Like what ? Feel like spending money and shopping especially Christmas and New Year is approaching. I used to buy a lot of Christmas gifts last time for my friends and colleague, but not this year as there were really packed in town! Super hard to shop for a gift. When I passed by Pandora store yesterday, I saw twenty customers were surrounding the counter and waiting for the two sales assistants to serve them. Then I keep walking and I saw branded stores with people queueing and waiting to get into the store. 

I can feel the love is in the air ... Everyone is trying to get something for their beloved one!

This mini Saffiano Pink Prada bag is sooooo cute!
Super lovely <3

Cute little bag >v<

Kinda love this dress design but the material made me think twice

I should have get this that time,
looks comfortable.

Looking for jackets in Vivo two weeks ago.
Floral dress from Pearlavish

Best buy ever !
Bought this at $50 from H&M

Simple shirt in nude color from Korea
Love the thin material and good to go with jeans

Bought myself a pair of heels at Heatwave
Strongly recommended by Amy for big feet like me.

Bought this one piece dress from Far East ~

Saw this super cute rainbow unicorn long sleeve at far east
really like it but I think it is a bit short for a big size girl like me

Love this design!
bought it from Bershka

tried on one of the cap, its heavy =.=

This is so chacha!
Love this local designed top and the material is great!
The most expensive top I've ever bought... >.<''

Some accessories to enhance our life

Tried this on at H&M but I didn't get it
feel like a boring design


Unknown said...

Hi Charlene,

May i know where to get this top blouse? i quite like it :)

imchacha said...

Dear Jeslin,

i got it from Far east plaza. A local designer store ^^ their design are good!

Unknown said...

i will go and have a look.
btw, how much is this blouse?

imchacha said...


Sure, you may have a look to far east plaza.
This top cost me $89 bucks T_T

Nick said...

all of them suits you :)

imchacha said...


Thanks haha~ Merry Christmas to u^^

Unknown said...

Thanks Charlene.
Merry Christmas to you :)