2 days in Kuala Lumpur

My colleagues and I travelled to KL two weeks ago for Jeannie's wedding lunch. The food was creative and yummy , we truly enjoyed it with their cosy environment. Thanks to Jeannie for the invitation! 

I have to thank to my lovely buddies -Bengyie, who fetch us from the airport to town during midnight ; and Nataly who brought us to eat a lot of nice food and sent us to the airport at the end of our trip. Appreciate it so so much! ^^  *clapssss*

We visited and shopped at one of the famous shopping mall in KL , Pavilion. I love the Christmas decoration there and I feel that is much more attractive compare to the one in Orchard road. 

Found this Huge bear in KLIA ~ super lovely 

Beng yie is the one who picked us up from the airport
>v< Thanks!!

never stop for selfie haha

Love this little sweet dress from Pearlavish

My colleagues who attended the wedding lunch with me all the way from Singapore

Ronald and I
Don't you think he looks like my little brother ? haha

opppss...   XD

We were so enjoyed by taking photos non stop while waiting

The rose petals on the floor...  sweet decoration

Congrats to Jeannie & Swee Peng
The love that last forever ~

They are twins!!! 
Exactly same faces hahaha

I really enjoyed the food here
Creative yet delicious!

Surprised me with the shark fins and abalone!

Mmmm... Satisfaction!

I met a lovely girl that day who has exactly the same name with me
and she sat right beside me ! Two Charlene Tan.... lol

Feel free and swim..
Now you are free, so am I ...

Then we went to Pavilion @ KL ~!

Love tokyo street and we found a lot of yummies here

Thinking to get one and put on my office's desk..
a little too pricy , but so pretty right ?!

 I met huge Conny!

I think this is much more pretties than Singapore's orchard road,
What do you think ?

Happiest time  = Dessert time !!

Mango !

After a tiring day...

Jason bought a honey bubble bath from body shop ..
 I love the smell so so much!

Super relax...

My sweet buddy, Nataly 
is the one who became a one day tour guide for us the next day


This is one of my favourite and must eat food if I travel to KL

Kin Kin spicy ban mian

Then we visited this local bak kut teh right after the spicy ban mee..
I have no idea how we did that.  =.=''

So happy that I ate Haagen Daaz Chocolate Fondue with my buddies
Lovely dessert !

This is something that made us Crazy before we went to Airport!
Nataly brought us to one of the yummiest boh bia !
Super crunchy and I love it with seaweed and fresh salad!

Something we don't want to miss..
Dim sum! 

I am hungry already while I'm doing my post..

Look at me! Smile =)
Always focus on something that make you smile!
Enjoy Life ~


Nick said...

nice dress there :)

imchacha said...

Hey Thanks Nick ^^

Happy walker said...

welcome to malaysia~ wah so good can eat abalone leh~ T.T

Phâ:Prae said...

love your dress ^^

imchacha said...

Mr Lonely ~ haha thanks ..
ya lo so nice the abalone >v<

imchacha said...

Pha-Prae : thanks dear ~ welcome to my blog^^

Anonymous said...

Hi can I know where is the place you had the popiah and dim sum? Looks so yummy! :)