Like a fairy in a fairy tale ~ Tulip Festival in Melbourne! - Part 1

I'm glad that my last minute trip to Melbourne brought me the chance to visit to Silvan for the Tulip Festival. Again, Thanks to Yuan who brought me here by car and the journey took us about an hour. I was so excited to feel the fresh air and I love the scene I saw during the journey.

This was my first experience to step into a flower farm, seriously no regret! I took a lot of photos there with both of my camera and iPhone as expected ! Haha!

Many people curious about my Melbourne trip with their similar question:
" was it fun ? I think Australia is boring right ? "

And this is my answer :
" Although Australia is a boring country as what we usually think,  because their shops closed at 5pm sharp. But I found that this is definitely a good place to live. There are lot of reasons that you will find out by yourself when you are there! And I will go again for sure =)  "

It was a beautiful day for Tulip Festival


The queue for entrance ticket
it cost us about $20-28 each

The flowers smiling at me with their colours

Love =)

This is my favourite tulip besides of the white one !

We had some bites there

Live band 
They are good!

Ahaha, look at the baby, so cute..

Yuan bought me one of the tulip's seed 
but unfortunately we bought the wrong one !

This is something like pancake with chocolate and icing sugar

Who is the fairest of them all ?

To be continued...


Chibilaria said...

Gorgeous photos !!! I would like to visit this festival , tulips are one of my favorite flowers ^^

imchacha said...

Wow Chibilaria!
you are sooo fast!
Thanks for your comment and I'm sure you will love the place!

Hows everything ? fine?

Lincoln Madison said...
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