Fly over 3700 miles to Melbourne ~

I travelled Melbourne - world's most liveable city according to The Economist for 2011, 2012, 2013 - last week. Felt so blessed to have friends residing in the area bring me around to all the "must-go" spots, and especially appreciate Yuan's hospitality. I've always thought of Australia as a "boring" country, with shops and bars mostly closed for business at 5pm, but I was proved wrong. Despite most businesses closing on-the-dot at 5pm, I found that there were another side to the "hipster & cultural capital of Australia". Festivals and events littered the city, and there were much buzz going on all around, with lots of friendly strangers, great coffee and fresh air!

This was a last minute trip, with the flights booked 2 days before departure. Prices were understandably steeper and I found Jetstar offering a direct flight for S$ 1,000. I've always preferred flying commercial on these long flights (more than 5 hours) - and I think most of you would agree - because I secretly love the comfort & service afforded, not to forget the in-flight meals! Just something magical about these packed meals high up in the air! So in spite of all that, I went with Jetstar because of the direct flight, and also because I didn't want to delay this trip any longer than I already had. To my pleasant surprise though, we had a respectable aircraft (commercial size), probably due to the long distance along with impeccable service. No regrets flying with Jetstar to Australia at all.

Kids everywhere while I'm waiting to board my flight

lovely smile =)

Reached Melbourne after 8 hours flight and thanks Yuan to pick me up

Feel the fresh air in the morning

Great experience on trying this Razor earpiece

I love Duty Free  ^^

Left all my luggages in the house and then we went for breakfast ~

My danbo is extremely happy to travel to Melbourne too

While we waiting for the tram

The weather was just Nice!
around 16 degree and windy  =)

Holding MyKi card for public transportation
exactly like our EZlink here in S'pore

Visited Krimper for fabulous cappuccino and wagyu burger

Met this nice and friend lady in the store

Here is the address to Krimper
Food and coffee are good

Then we have a walk on Chapel street

Cool Graffiti everywhere

First tried on their chocolate milkshake
Love it

Douglas and Yuan

a cosy place to live 

Justina & Don in the house

To be continued...

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keep traveling and expand our horizons with your trips and post.

Love it.