( Taichung ) A place you won't miss ~ FengJia Night Market ~ 逢甲夜市

Fengjia night market is one of the more popular ones in Taiwan. Located within close proximity to Fengjia University, it is where most youths gather. With students making up the majority of customers, prices are comparatively better than that of Taipei’s. This, and the huge variety of local snacks on offer makes a real pleasure to be jostling amongst the crowd. Though not as vibrant as one might find Taipei, Taichung has its lures and is definitely worth at least 1 visit.

How to go to Fengjia night market from Taichung Station?
Bus 35, directly go to Fengjia night market and it takes about an hour. If you have more than 2 pax you may just take cab to save time.

I like this ! fried sweet potatoes ball ~ 
chewy chewy but super long queue.

I love to eat this in Taiwan.
Spicy Salty Chicken

Super sweet girl ~

I bought this for myself!
Aroma oil for better sleep, Love it ^^


tester said...

wow... food makes me hungry ^^

Unknown said...


may i know whr do you stay in Taichung?

Tom said...

Hey Charlene,

Great post on Feng Jia Night Market! Do check out our post on what to eat at Feng Jia Night Market as well!

Happy Travels Everyone!